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Template:Team 14
Team 14
Facility: Base 8 Also: Team 5, 7, and 21
Core Competency:
General Purpose Team
Status: Voluntary Coded: Green
Preferred Language:

14.01 VisionCyberpathic Interfacer
14.02 TellerMolecular Sensitive
14.03 ShadowTelekinetic
14.04 WindPressure Sensitive
14.05 AirTangibility Exodimensional
14.06 PunchShield
14.07 BinderInterfacer
14.08 KnotSelf-Healer
14.09 Storm-ChaserElectrical Energist
14.10 WeaveMolecular Exoshifter
14.11 TapsShield

Former Roster:
14.03 Mirage (rogue)
14.06 Green (rogue)
Team Administration:
Admin Manager • Tricia
Medical Officer • Dr. Rybshka

Basic Details

Skytouch or Air is a member of Team 14, led by Vision. She is of mixed ethnicity with medium brown skin, straight medium dark brown hair, and brown eyes.

Air was involved in the first batch of processing subjects.

Special Abilities

She is a tangibility exodimensional, in that she is not able to alter her own tangibility but rather that of anything around her. She does not affect the intangibility of people at all, but only things without will.


Her preferred handles are Skytouch and Air, with no preference between them. Air refers to her ability and Skytouch for her skill in dancing, learned with Vision for an undercover assignment early on.

When working with Shadow, she's often called Key, as the one who can make walls and locks irrelevant. They may both be called Twins as a callsign during missions or training.

After the Thorn Rebellion, she does not prefer to go by her birth name.


Vision + Skytouch

Skytouch latched onto Vision early due to her initial ability creating a dangerous environment around her and others and that he and Shield were often together until the teams were distributed. Shield was able to keep Air from hurting herself or others and to this day, Air remains extremely comfortable with either twin interfacing with her mentally, either directly or through her implants.

When Air was still a little girl, Vision was given an assignment that required dance ability and he picked her to train with him after a brief evaluation of those who might work for the mission. She has since continued dancing as a form of stress relief and coping. For the leaps she uses in ballet, her team called her Skytouch.

Lock + Key

Shadow joined Team 14 after the initial meeting period. He showed up in training beside Air and became known as her "shadow".

They have always trained in near unison and are very close. Other names for the pair include Lock (him) and Key (her) due to the way they use their abilities in tandem. She is an exodimensional with control over the tangibility of anything outside her body. He is a telekinetic. He's known for never talking, and the two rarely have long conversations but work well together.

Knot + Skytouch

The two girls are best friends and most of Air's long verbal conversations are with Knot.



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Born Mid Summer (5) -2 KY 219 RY