Team 5

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Team 5

Team 5Template:Team 5
Team Rank Primary Handle Birth Name Status Special Ability
5.01 Keeper Ricalia Austin GMH Biogenerative
5.02 Flinger GMH Aggressive Telepath
5.03 Touch GMH Touch Telepath
5.04 Bearer GMH Empathic Transferrent
5.05 Empath GMH Empath
5.06 Ash-Rider GMH
5.07 Star-Crosser GMH
5.08 Dreamer GMH Reality Dimensional
5.09 Swift GMH
5.10 Time Weaver Dominic GMH Temporal Dimensional
5.11 Sketch Anna Kirsch GMH
5.12 Skipper GMH
5.13 Float GMH
5.14 Fire Gina Lucas GMH
5.15 Ice GMH

One of the first teams to escape the Projects before the Thorn Rebellion, Team 5 fostered many close relationships with other teams, particular Team 7. Keeper comforted many of the children in the program before they were gathered, trained, then divided into teams.

Formation and Status


Original Data

  1. Keeper: heightened senses, self-healing
  2. Flinger: thought absorption, high-level communication
  3. Touch: computer access, touch communication
  4. Bearer: sense others' emotions, take others' emotions, empath
  5. Shift: sense nervous impulses and their significance, shift nerve signals/responses from one to another
  6. Ash-Rider: fire creation/control, telekinesis
  7. Star-Crosser: (naturally gifted) molecular manipulation through waves and fields
  8. Dreamer: sense and manipulate energy patterns, control personal energy forces
  9. Time-Weaver: control and weave time, (NG) high-level awareness of all connections; mild intuition
  10. Swift: sense the right time/place, correct time/place connections
  11. Sketch: sketch images, light refraction
  12. Skipper: semi-levitation, sense connections and personal energy
  13. Float: camouflage, density control, (NG) low-level sensory
  14. Ice: ice creation/control, computer access
  15. Flame: levitation, energy field creation

Definite changes since are Skipper manipulating gravity, Dreamer dreaming reality (reality sensitive), and fewer naturally gifteds.

Primary Operations


Original Data

  1. Keeper + Flinger + Touch
  2. Touch + Bearer + Shift
  3. Touch/Shift
  4. Shift + Star-Crosser + Ashrider
  5. Ashrider + Sketch
  6. Ashrider + Star-Crosser + Dreamer
  7. Dreamer + Swift + Time-Weaver
  8. Dreamer + Float
  9. Time-Weaver + Swift + Sketch
  10. Sketch + Skipper + Float
  11. Skipper + Flame
  12. Float + Flame + Ice
  13. Flame + Ice + Flinger