Punch (Character)

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Template:Team 14
Team 14
Facility: Base 8 Also: Team 5, 7, and 21
Core Competency:
General Purpose Team
Status: Voluntary Coded: Green
Preferred Language:

14.01 VisionCyberpathic Interfacer
14.02 TellerMolecular Sensitive
14.03 ShadowTelekinetic
14.04 WindPressure Sensitive
14.05 AirTangibility Exodimensional
14.06 PunchShield
14.07 BinderInterfacer
14.08 KnotSelf-Healer
14.09 Storm-ChaserElectrical Energist
14.10 WeaveMolecular Exoshifter
14.11 TapsShield

Former Roster:
14.03 Mirage (rogue)
14.06 Green (rogue)
Team Administration:
Admin Manager • Tricia
Medical Officer • Dr. Rybshka

Basic Details

Stone has a shock of white hair, pale skin, and a slender build. He's physically quite small with fine bones and young features and is viewed as almost kid-like well into his adulthood. He is five feet and a half inch tall, making him the shortest member of Team 14. Air beats him out at five two.

Special Abilities

He's able to turn physical objects or people basically invulnerable or permanent.


He's often called Punch or Stone, for his personality or his ability. When he's being deliberately annoying, his team members may call him Brat.