Team 14

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Team 14

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Team 14
Facility: Base 8 Also: Team 5, 7, and 21
Core Competency:
General Purpose Team
Status: Voluntary Coded: Green
Preferred Language:

14.01 VisionCyberpathic Interfacer
14.02 TellerMolecular Sensitive
14.03 ShadowTelekinetic
14.04 WindPressure Sensitive
14.05 AirTangibility Exodimensional
14.06 PunchShield
14.07 BinderInterfacer
14.08 KnotSelf-Healer
14.09 Storm-ChaserElectrical Energist
14.10 WeaveMolecular Exoshifter
14.11 TapsShield

Former Roster:
14.03 Mirage (rogue)
14.06 Green (rogue)
Team Administration:
Admin Manager • Tricia
Medical Officer • Dr. Rybshka

Formation and Status

Team 14 began as a general purpose team formed around Vision. His team members met his sister and became familiar with mental interfacing before the teams were separated and distributed among various facilities across the Republic. During this time, the initial core group that had formed his team added an additional five members, including Shadow and Taps.

In the time leading up to the Thorn Rebellion, this team retained its voluntary operative status but willingly participated in the Rebellion itself.


Vision is one of the operatives who never lost his memory. His twin sister is Shield or Thought from Team 7. Mirage also never lost her memory and has a twin in the program, her brother Storm, who initially led Team 8. While they bonded over this, Mirage eventually went rogue, unwilling to continue working with the Projects, and took Gloria with her. After Mirage left, all the team members ranked under moved up one rank. Those under Gloria ranked up two.

Vision occasionally trained members from other teams in particular skills, e.g. ballet for Dancer from Team 84. Those operatives were generally brought to Team 14, as Vision was more valuable as the first voluntary team leader than as a floater.

Primary Operations

Team 14 specializes in retrievals, particularly of people, but have also been deployed in general operations on Thorn Republic soil and abroad. They are valuable anti-terrorism agents and capable at corporate and international espionage. They also covered multiple search and destroy operations in coverups on behalf of the Thorn Republic in addition to against foreign threats.


Team 14 is familiar with other teams particularly through their leader, but they have worked in concert with other teams for certain missions, including with Team 7, Team 34, Team 31, and Team 68.

Individual relationships between team members and those of other teams are sporadic and few, primarily consisting of those made with trainees who floated in to Team 14. The team is large enough to be somewhat insular in its relationships.