Team 7

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Team 7

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Team 7
Facility: Base 8 Also: Team 5, Team 12, Team 14
Core Competency:
Special Abilities Handling
Status: Involuntary Coded: Green to Yellow
Preferred Language:

7.01 BrushfireSelf-Healer
7.02 BurnIncendiary Kinetic Sensitive
7.03 LightsculptSpecial
7.04 RetrieverMental Transferrent
7.05 ThoughtMental Interfacer
7.06 UniverseBiotransferrent Processor
7.07 HiddenSpecial
7.08 TacticProbability Sensitive
7.09 QuakeSpecial
7.10 SingerResonance Sensitive

Team Administration:
Director • Joenna Janine Browning
Night Shift Director • Annette Castle
Medical Officer • Kyri

Team 7 has been considered voluntary since Brushfire chose to stay during Team 5's escape. Despite their voluntary status, the marital privilege was consistently denied to Thought, who applied multiple times to marry Tactic. They ended up splitting over the strain this put on their relationship.

Thought's twin brother is Vision, leader of Team 14. They maintain contact telepathically.

Retriever, Lightsculpt, and Burn are best friends. Burn and Thought are training partners who consider each other siblings. Burn and Universe married in their teen years.

Burn's father volunteered him for the program when it launched, which his mother, Janine Browning, discovered only after the fact. She returned to active military duty and applied successfully to team administration, under the condition that she never mention her relationship to her son.

Formation and Status


Original Data

  1. Brushfire: heightened strength, stamina, and energy; heightened senses; self-healing
  2. Burn: heat radiation, control over burning, semi-telekinetic
  3. Lightsculpt: light shield, ice crystals
  4. Retriever: thought absorption, take others' thoughts/emotions
  5. Shield: light force and shield, mental powers, semi-telekinetic
  6. Universe: (NG) DNA absorption and utilization
  7. Tracer: locational mental powers, ability to detect sound waves and their direction, quality, type, and speed
  8. Quake: extremely high-speed motion, earthquake creation and control, (NG) high-level thought processing
  9. Tactic: (NG) genius, wave force amplification and redirection
  10. Shatter: sense, emit, and control all-level frequencies

Primary Operations


Original Data

  1. Brushfire + Lightsculpt + Retriever + Burn
  2. Burn + Shield
  3. Retriever + Shield
  4. Shield + Universe
  5. Hidden + Universe
  6. Burn/Universe
  7. Hidden + Tracer + Tactic
  8. Tracer/Shield
  9. Tracer + Tactic + Quake
  10. Quake + Shatter + Tactic