The Database (Character)

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Template:Team 34
Team 34
Facility: Base 17 Also: Team 8
Core Competency:
General Purpose Team
Status: Involuntary Coded: Yellow
Preferred Language:

34.01 ShiftShifter
34.02 KilterDimensional Shifter
34.03 SearAggressive Energy Sensitive
34.04 DefenderRegular
34.05 KismetDimensional Walker
34.06 ProtectorAggressive Mindreader
34.07 The DatabaseGenetic Processor
34.08 MeldBiotransferrant Gene Shifter

Former Roster:
34.01 Watcher (departed)

34.02 Kilter34.03 Shift34.04 Sear
34.05 Kismet34.06 Protector
34.07 the Database34.08 Meld

Team Administration:
Handler • Chandler
Medical Officer • Gloria

Basic Details

Rachelle, that is The Database, is a sarcastic, practical operative with a terminal special ability. She is able to absorb, read, and mimic any genetic material she comes in physical contact with, but it doesn't come with an off-switch, and she is a storage system running out of space. She tends to take support roles and doesn't know how to say no to people she cares about (she cares a whole lot more than she lets on) and ends up in a relationship with Justus because of it. Her brother by choice is Meld and both of them take care of each other when their special abilities become too painful. After the Rebellion, she moves into an apartment in the city of Kishet and prefers to go by her birth name. She often works with Heather, a former operative from another team, as a computer/technology consultant and often consults with the Special Unit in Kishet on law enforcement cases involving special type humans.

Special Abilities


Her birth name is Brittany Rachelle Winslow. She prefers to go by Rachelle after the Thorn Rebellion or Britt, but still answers to all of her pre-Rebellion handles. Her primary handle is the Database.