Justus (Character)

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Template:Team 34
Team 34
Facility: Base 17 Also: Team 8
Core Competency:
General Purpose Team
Status: Involuntary Coded: Yellow
Preferred Language:

34.01 ShiftShifter
34.02 KilterDimensional Shifter
34.03 SearAggressive Energy Sensitive
34.04 DefenderRegular
34.05 KismetDimensional Walker
34.06 ProtectorAggressive Mindreader
34.07 The DatabaseGenetic Processor
34.08 MeldBiotransferrant Gene Shifter

Former Roster:
34.01 Watcher (departed)

34.02 Kilter34.03 Shift34.04 Sear
34.05 Kismet34.06 Protector
34.07 the Database34.08 Meld

Team Administration:
Handler • Chandler
Medical Officer • Gloria

Basic Details

Justus was caught in the middle of a team operation where normally he would have ended up killed. Instead, he and his friend were both inducted into the teams as teenagers. Justus was assessed as unable to survive processing so was offered to Shift, who had already proven herself adept in manipulating and conditioning others. After training hard for six months, he rose to fourth rank on the team and stayed there. Despite having no special abilities, he is a competent military operative, adept at combat, espionage, infiltration, security, etc. After the Thorn Rebellion, he does not return to his family but decides to go into law enforcement in the city of Riving.

Special Abilities


His birth name is Justus Ellison. His working handle during missions is Defender; nevertheless, even before the Thorn Rebellion, his preferred handle was Justus.