Skylight (Character)

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Template:Team 95
Team 95
Facility: Base 5 Also:
Core Competency:
Intel and Direct Action
Status: Involuntary Coded: Green
Preferred Language:

95.01 WolfEnergy Sensitive
95.02 AugmentForce Sensitive
95.03 ArcElectrical Elemental
95.04 SkylightDimensional Exoshifter
95.05 Ice QueenQuantum Sensitive
95.06 StreamOxygen Elemental
95.07 BridgeTelepath
95.08 MathOptical Mass Sensitive

Team Administration:
Handler • Kessa

Basic Details

Special Abilities

On paper, she's a dimensional exoshifter. In practice, Math describes her as "punching holes in the world" and she is in fact capable of completing wiping anything out of existence that comes in contact with the dimensional fluid her body generates every time she moves.

She is incapable of getting drunk and largely invulnerable to any but the fastest-acting of poisons. She is immune to her own fluid and capable of wielding it in such a way as to not harm a stationary object or person; nevertheless, the risk is great enough that she does not use her ability on people except in great emergency or else with a willingness to kill.


Katia Vamarr nee Oleyenn



Skylight born

  1. republican year 221 • kingdoms year 0 • late spring

Skylight 5

  1. republican year 226 • kingdoms year 5 • mid winter
    1. Katia orphaned

Skylight 6

  1. republican year 227 • kingdoms year 6 • late winter
    1. The Rhosia family begin adoption plans for Katia