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Akachenti is the most commonly spoken major dialect of the Kachan language, spoken by the Ogunn people. It is an incorporating fusional polysynthetic language with fluid-S active morphosyntactic alignment and relatively free word order with default OVS.

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The phonemic inventory of Pre-Modern Akachenti was somewhat captured at the adoption of the Tongchan writing system, a series of glyphs for the perceived phonemes of the language. In particular, the current ae diphthong was considered a vowel, length was distinguished for five of the six vowels, and several current consonantal phonemes were and are considered consonant clusters.

  • Vowels: a, a:, o, o:, u, u:, ae, e, e:, i, i:
  • Consonant "Clusters": nl, hl, tl, dl, ngl, khl, kl, gl

The above are all clicks with pre-glottalized allophones in glottalic tone syllables.


The phonemic vowel inventory contrasts five qualities, three heights, and length.

Short Vowels Long Vowels
front central back front central back
close i u i: u:
mid e o e: o:
open a a:

Long vowels are pronounced with a low tone. The phonemic diphthong in the bottom row is the only one treated as a phonemic vowel in Akachenti's orthography and is romanized as ae. Other diphthongs are treated orthographically as vowel clusters.

Front~Central Back
unrounded rounded rounded
close iɪ - ij ui
mid ie ue
open ia ua

The close diphthongs in the top row are typically falling diphthongs, with the first vowel more prominent, though can realize as rising "diphthong" . The remaining four diphthongs are typically rising, with e and a being prominent.


Akachenti has 25 consonants.

Phonemic Consonants
Labial Alveolar Post-Alveolar Velar Glottal
Pulmonic Click Pulmonic Click
Resonant m n ᵑǃ ɾ~ɹ ᵑǁ ŋ
Stop Fortis b~p t ǃ ǁ k ʔ
Lenis d ǃs ᶢǁ g
Affricate Fortis ǃx ǁx
Fricative v~f s ʃ x ɦ (ç)


Consonant Romanization
resonants IPA m n ᵑǃ ɾ~ɹ ᵑǁ ŋ
letter m n nl r ngl ng
fortis stops IPA b~p t ǃ ǁ k ʔ
letter b t tl kl k '
lenis stops IPA d ǃs ᶢǁ g
letter d l gl g
affricates IPA ǃx ǁx
letter hl j ch khl
fricatives IPA v~f s ʃ ɦ~ç x
letter v s sh h kh


Consonant Clusters
n ŋ ɹ ɦ x d
nonlabial click/stop/affr. n(C) ŋ(C)
labial (m, b, v) + g (C)ɹ
v (C)ɹ (C)ɦ (C)x
ʃ (C)d

Regional dialect variations may allow , ʃɹ, , or ɹɦ and ɹx, but this is disfavored in most Akachenti dialect regions.



Tone goes hand in hand with variations in quality, duration, and phonation of affected syllables.