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  1. Start with body parts/short paragraphs

To Be Written (Scenes)

  1. spaceship separated then reunited with integrate (Riftspace) - 1/27
  2. There's a bridgroom. Don't leave Christ at the altar. - 1/27
  3. Those with wakeful hearts glow. (Light Seeker) - 1/27
  4. Silver fluid with her every movement flowing, takes off a layer of the snub of her shoe, puts her hands to what's left, stops, the brown girl asks if she's all right, can I? tilts her head and smiles, neither takes it as anything but yes, dividing in teams, loose twelve becomes tight eight, named Team 95, Wolf figures our her power / name from Math - 2/23
  5. alpha!Totsuka, no one sees it until he speaks and it commands your attention, he lightens it so easily after
  6. omegas biologically irresistible - society to protect them
  7. everything: Chuuya and Dazai, Chuuya and learning from Mori to be a Boss one day, Chuuya and Kouyou like desperately, Rimbaud's words and how it affected Chuuya, Chuuya being a vessel, I LOVE when he pulled out his hands, Dazai's disgust at not getting his Chuuya when he went through all that work for it, and instead Mori keeps trying to make them partners off and on but has him Kouyou's, puts a whole new spin for me on his raising of Akutagawa and training him, and as much as he recruited Chuuya into the Mafia, his take that Akutagawa would be the strongest ability user in the Mafia seems tied to how he views Chuuya as his, not the Mafia's before he leaves and also there's an element of Chuuya is technically a god-user and it's only Dazai's ability to take out Chuuya's access I think that makes Arahabaki / Corruption stoppable, and you know naming Arahabaki Corruption, using it fully all out for the first time, like when did that happen? how? because it didn't happen in Fifteen. and of course, Chuuya experimenting with feeling human instead of like a vessel and all that implies, since he is human and that's fascinating too. and also at some point, I'm gonna take a stab at that wingfic again where you only get wings when someone loves you and it takes YEARS for them to realize they're growing each other's and Chuuya starts out with none at all and only after joining the Mafia realizes that the Sheep didn't love him, it wasn't his being an inhuman vessel

To Be Written (Short Stories)

  • Drafted, not finalized:
  1. History Lesson
  2. Breath from a Stone
  • Partial Draft, not finished
  1. The Rue
  2. Game for the Gods
  3. Lie to Me
  4. An Act of Remembrance (Seven Days)

Canons to Drabble In

  1. Simplicity
  2. Radiant Lands
  3. Breath
  4. Seven Days
  5. Splintered
  6. Faeology
  7. Vardin
  8. Kingdoms and Thorn
  9. Mirror
  10. Alliance
  11. Light Seeker
  12. The Rue
  13. The Powers
  14. Riftspace
  15. Lost


  1. last gwynne

Draft Works

  1. Due December
    1. Blind Prince / Illegitimate Prince
    2. BNHA hurt/comfort
    3. Hyperspace Test Pilot/Sentient Ship