Vardin (Language)

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Vardin is my consonantal root language. Highly experimental with a possibility I'm doing it all wrong.

Additionally, it's the language of the Vardin people and has four grammatical genders: rogue, hunter, householder, and plain. There are three grammatical numbers: singular, plural, collective, and a category of nouns where the number is considered "null", as the form is not identical to the singular.



front / unrounded near front / unrounded central / unrounded back / oral
oral nasal oral nasal oral nasal unrounded rounded
close i u
close mid e ɪ
mid (ə)
open mid ɛ ɛ̃ (ɜr) (ʌ)
open ä ä̃ ɑ
Diphthongs ae, aẽ, aj, ãj, ej, ja, je, jɪ, wɪ, wɛ


Phonemic Consonants
Labial Alveolar Post-Alveolar Palatal Velar Uvular Glottal
nasal m n (ɲ)
plosive voiced b
voiceless p t k q (c) ʔ ( ' )
affricate sibilant voiced dʒ (j)
voiceless ts tʃ (ch)
fricative sibilant voiced ʒ (jh)
voiceless s ʃ (sh) ɕ - ç (sch)
non-sibilant voiceless f θ (th) x (kh) h - ɦ (h)
voiced v
approximant central ɹ (r) w
lateral ʎ - j (ll / y)
flap non-rhotic ɺ (d / l)

Consonants in parentheses are allophones.