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Tatan is the native language of the Tagani, also called the Ashikah, "born of wind and fire", a group of desert clans.



Phonemic Vowels
front central / back
close i o [o - u]
open-mid e [ɛ] a [ʌ - ä]
diphthongs aa [aʌ̯], au [aɔ], ai [ai̯], ei [ei̯]

The phonemes ʌ and u are raised allophones of o and a.


Phonemic Consonants
Labial Alveolar Post-Alveolar Palatal Velar Uvular Glottal
nasal m n
plosive / affricate voiced d [d̻] j [dʒ] g
voiceless p t /t̻/ cj [cç] k c [q]
fricative s [s̻] sh [ʃ] sch [ʂɕ] kh [x] h [h - ɦ]
approximant central r [ɹ-ɾ̻]
lateral l

The rhotic is allophonically realized as a tap. The phoneme sch used to be a consonant cluster of stʃ but has become a phonemic fricative sequence.