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Flower in the Rain

Petals weighted down
Sparkling with diamond droplets
Flower in the rain

Beckoning Light

The light calls all souls
Who will hear and listen too
They will find the truth

Bright Star

Dot of light above
Shining down on sleeping souls
Watching over us

First Light

Whisper of promise
The sun breaks the horizon
An eagle takes flight

Life Gave Me Roses

Life gave me roses
Take the beauty with the thorns
You must pay the price

A Turbulent Sea

Whirlpool of colors
Swirling sea of emotion
Deep within the heart

Rose of Sharon

A blood-red Rose falls
Trampled, withered, lost for sure
He will rise again

Within Us

Burning deep inside
My piece of Godly nature
Christ that lives within

Autumn Leaves

Green leaves turn golden
Falling from age-old trees
To return in spring

Fairy Passing By

Rainbow wings of light
Pixie dust and sunshine
Golden wind; she’s gone


Silver moon rising
Life and love and moonlit glow
The wolf pups were born



White snow and frost cold
Heaven cries tonight with rain
Tomorrow finds ice


Light smiles in my soul
A brand new day before me
The sun is shining

You Will Reach the Other Side

Rainbow follows rain
Green spring days follow winter
Dawn follows midnight

Clouds on a Summer Day

The white puffy clouds
Lined with silver and with gold
Floating lazily

White Beauty

Tall, majestic fir
Green needles hidden by snow
Draped in thick blanket


Colored rainbow wings
Like a bright flying flower
Floating on the wind

Heart Rain

Beauty in the tears
Light refracting crystal drops
Rainbow in the air

A Higher Will

I will surrender
In ev'ry part of my life
Because God knows best

The Lesser Light

The moon is rising
Trees outlined in silver glow
Bathed in gentle light

In For the Night

The sun is setting
Mother hen gathers her chicks
Warmth against the night


Cover the black earth
Bright white snow of purity
Falling gently down

August 2005


Desert Rose

A single bloom grows
In the midst of desert gold
One lone splash of red

July 2009


He is Fire; He is Pain (poem)

For J and K

he is fire, he is pain
sorrow burns, she fans the flame
fire aches beneath his skin
pain has scarred him for his sin
burn the world and come within

April 2010


Ember (poem)

For Trish

gather the angels of the winds of heaven
for the warrior rides forth with no master
and the fires shall bear no restraint
the arrow is drawn from the quiver
sped through the burning of hearts only faster
bloodying with its taint

from the dark and the light and the casting of thunder
ridden with power, tremulous, hidden
sacred the circle of pain
from sweetness and brightness, the singing of bleakness
unwoven, unraveled, in mystery bidden
to walk in the falling of rain

from the bright’ning byres of flaming rebirth
from phoenix fires and death unsung
ring in the day the earth will rue
the wings of heaven lie tattered and riven
cast, like old gods, to the earth and wrung
to make the worlds anew

November 2012


The Darkness Cleave (poem)

For J and K

When the fires of love ignited and burned,
I realized all I had ever learned
Could not compare to the wings in me
When your hand touched mine and set them free:

I never knew quite how to fly,
But I know the physics of a frozen cry,
Of weary feet on a darkened road,
Of stinging warmth to a heart gone cold;

I know the taste of the oft-betrayed,
Sweet and bitter when pain's delayed.
Vestigial wings the darkness cleave,
And all I know is how to leave:

Burn the tears until diamonds shatter;
Light the road with flames that matter;
Kindling be and burn in the dark—
Sacrifice this worthless heart.

Where I would fall and into shards,
You gather me up like a deck of cards.
Fallen phoenix from ashen grim
The fingers sew and scissors trim.

Who from blood can a butterfly make,
Who can heal and make it take?
Who can bind the broken things?
Who can break what makes them me,

Can mend the wings and mend the quick—
Broken and bloody, bruised and slick?
I want to run from this spell you weave,
But I've forgotten how to leave.

Then I choose my path anew
(I'd do it all again for you):
Burn the road 'til it lights the dark;
Stretch these wings with ashen mark;

Whisper words you would not hear
Softly, gently upon your ear.
The fires of love I understand;
The wings I leave within your hand.


Shards of Heart (poem)

For J and K

No one ever told me
Whispers shatter walls,
Silence shatters hearts,
Shards of heart make life as glass
Where once it flowed
Like sand upon the path,
Filling every crack,
Reshaped by every breath
Of wind, by every step—
Painless. Now I know.

March 2014


Everything’s Blood and All is Well (poem)

For C and N

Written under, the wires crossed
The symphony begins to swell
One, two, three and red on my bones
Everything’s blood and all is well

Waltz with war and tango death
Fate is but the archer’s eye
The reverie begins to play
Everything’s blood; let arrows fly

I breathe your blood, I bleed my name
We’re lost within a sea of red
Your name is written in my bones
Everything’s blood where angels fled

Fired until we cannot break
Mark the clock for time will tell
The music clicks beneath the gun
Everything’s blood and all is well


Walls of Stone (poem)

For NP

Wrap me in thin walls of stone
And build them up like growing trees
Behind the granite of my heart
I lock away humanity

I cannot feel or I will break
I cannot realize what I’ve done
The more I push and come awake
The more I end what I’ve begun

September 2015


In Our Bones (poem)

We built cities in our bones
Placed our hopes on iron thrones
Watched them wander off, windblown
From our hearts we’d set in stone

August 2014


The Longest Road (poem)

Here at the end of the longest road
I find you standing waiting for me
As though you knew from the moment I left
Where I would wander and there you'd be

I wound my way through the wilderness
Crouched on the bluffs of lands now lost
I put my lips to the salty sea
Here on the road, we measure the cost

Beneath dry trees I made my bed
And lit the night with my kindled fire
Beneath the stars I mapless wandered
Clambered up stones and then climbed higher

I had no path and refused to plan
I set my face toward the loneliest hill
So why do you face me with that faint smile
How did you know to await me here

I see the stars behind your head
Spinning as though they are prone to laugh
I feel the dust sinking into my throat
I take your hand and lean on your staff

Here at the end of the longest road
I found you standing waiting for me
Together we face a wild horizon
Stretching before us endlessly

December 2016


Light is the Load (poem)


Prayer 003 (poem)

As God is my witness
And God is my grace,
May light of His love
Shine bright through my face,
Through my eyes and my hands—
Be a light in this place