Dragon Clans Stories

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Story Arcs

Marriage Arc

Lacey marries Rohan and Aurel

Side Stories

  1. Dancing on Air, post-marriage

Storm King Arc

Doro establishes a new Storm Clan with Giasa.

Doro, a trueborn tempered king, rises in the border region of the city, where humans and dragons both live and no territory is currently established. Dragons have largely gone to the relevant clan leadership for their issues, humans know they can apply to the general administrative clan or request aid from the human embassy, but their area is not regulated. Doro was raised primarily by humans and lacks certain training and a biological claim growing up. Doro becomes known as violently territorial. A wild storm dragon is one thing. A wild storm king is another. Doro does not acknowledge clan authority or accept Haliarete's offer to make them heir. They do accept Haliarete's offer of an arranged marriage to Giasa.

Giasa's small clan rule several of the Storm Clans, and she is the daughter of a storm king. Halierete's queen arranges the match, which Giasa accepts quietly. She is the first in her set to mate and surprised by the intensity and strength of mating instincts. Giasa turns out to be fierce and an intelligent political player, soon made Doro's right claw and vanguard.

When Giasa asks Doro if they would want her if the two weren't already mated, they turn the question back on her. She takes a few days to answer yes and, in doing so, completely changes his reaction. He admits he wants her too.

Territorial Arc

Lacey navigates politics with the Storm Clans concerning Earth's desire to establish a new colony secondary to the first