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January 2023

scribblemyname — 01/12/2023 6:51 AM

the only one that matters won't recognize my face. you should go though


they don't like dealing through representatives lower than your rank

are you sure you shouldn't come along then? seeing as you know the culture

I'm not abandoning you, affectionately

Joem wanted to protest the sudden role reversal, being treated like a child in need of encouragement or comfort. He refrained when he realized he was somewhat acting like one


I don't understand your relationship with my father

You will one day without my needing to explain it

That answer won't get you out of every question I ask.

I'll keep that in mind

Beram studied him for a long moment, taking in this side of him. Usually Sata answered all of his questions that weren't about who Beram really was, and he generally didn't show Beram his cold face. (After all, Beram's dark face would only rarely make an appearance and hadn't yet in this life.)

So he smiled, warmly, became the person he was for his lover, not his child. "It really is too complicated." There were too many things tied up in the concept of his almost children, especially when he didn't share them with Beram.

His difficult, precious, demanding children. He would never have children of his essence. It made the children of his power all the more necessary to cherish and protect.

scribblemyname — 01/12/2023 7:00 AM

when I met him, I felt like I'd been waiting for him my whole life. even when he's infuriating... Beram trailed off into a sheepish smile. I like him a lot, Dad.

scribblemyname — 01/13/2023 3:50 PM

scribblemyname — 01/15/2023 4:39 AM

I sleep well and wake refreshed

scribblemyname — 01/15/2023 8:44 PM

Good evening, God, my sovereign Lord
I reach for You, cling to Your Word
Nothing less can I afford
If I'm to be reassured
For comfort comes from trusting You
And peace by walking in Your way
Through the hours, I've cone through
And by Your strength passed through this day
My hope is found within my sight
Visions and histories glowing bright
When You, O Lord, reached out to save
Me from every yawning grave
And all my sins and my mistakes
With Your mercy You forgave
In awe, I cry, what love like this!
Ignorance is pain, Your truth my bliss

scribblemyname — 01/21/2023 8:43 PM

avg 3 kids

gen 1 2
gen 2 2 + 2
gen 3 9 + 9
gen 4 27 + 27 = 54
gen 5 81 + 81 = 162
gen 6 243 + 243 = 486

scribblemyname — 01/25/2023 4:29 PM

legacy of Yonyunn, sometimes he wanted to pat them on their invisible helpful heads (far north, etc. interpretations), a rather convenient exception as high ranking member of the Elite, can't have a war king/queen without the Elite, no one minded when Ahayin sat by him, This was a war council after all.

scribblemyname — 01/30/2023 9:28 AM

good morning, God, I pray again
I'm thankful for Your perfect plan
the hope You hold within Your hand
to pour on me, such blessings when
I don't deserve Your matchless grace
but neither does the human race
Your favor granted in Your love
is not because of us or of
a human nature, prone to wander
no, You're our eternal Father
hold me, Lord, I pray today
and keep me in Your perfect way

scribblemyname — 01/30/2023 3:33 PM

egum - bird
egumyesh - seabird, dialectical variant: egumesh
egumiryo - snowbird
egumruhitzon - huntingbird
egumyon - sunbird, dialectical variant: egumon

scribblemyname — 01/30/2023 9:37 PM

yefa - fish
yefasejek - spearfish

scribblemyname — 01/30/2023 10:38 PM

tsuve - dragon

from tsawi
tsuveyesh - sea dragon
tsuveyon - sun dragon
tsuvechot - night dragon

scribblemyname — 01/31/2023 3:45 AM

Leshet had been born in Kinaang, high up the northern face of the then southern border, that is the Dragon Cliffs. She understood that Kinaang or Ginieng, dialect dependent, had grown up from village to town, and its proximity to the capital meant there were people not of her band living there. They could marry without waiting for a marriage festival after the Clans Gathering. Their guardian council was said to have a touchstone. She'd never asked or verified if it was the same one from before the war. It wasn't the god-marked only who had been targeted, and why would they have it if Leshet's three contracts were none traditional to her band.

From the time they sent her off to learn war, as an unrecognized child, she had never been back since.

scribblemyname — 01/31/2023 8:19 PM

hwun aiyung soeg tsuve

February 2023

scribblemyname — 02/01/2023 11:34 AM

Postposition Class non-person noun person noun ascended person noun
I – masc. a ani aniwa
II – fem. ha hani haniwa
III – divine / natural wa wani waniwa
IV – neut. ba bani baniwa

scribblemyname — 02/02/2023 5:06 PM

Happy to! A brief background: the war clans are not a united polity. For the purposes of war and foreign policy, they are essentially four groups of clans, but for domestic purposes, each clan is sovereign itself. That said, the northernmost clan of Vannu uses the Hilakhot sequence in general parlance but the Paschtha sequence for anything under the war government.

1. aiyung - phoenix
2. tiger
3. seon - guardwolf
4. spearfish
5. greydeer
6. egumruhitzon - huntingbird
7. sunfish
8. snowtiger
9. rumhyitann - quickdeer (Paschtha / Vannu); rockdeer (Alhaies of Vannu / Hilakhot)
10. tsuve - dragon

The first three and the last one are native to their originating homeworld. The remaining species are native to the world they're on now.

These are the names of the days within their ten-day periods (one might say "they rest on the halves, greydeer and dragon", meaning the fifth and tenth days of the aghourre); the ten-day periods within a season (a season typically runs through snowtiger or quickdeer, which aghourre is swallowed by the equinox or solstice, days named for different dragons); and the elite military "hundreds", which consist of 100 units (the first hundred is the phoenix hundred, which contains units 1-100; thus, the 312th unit would be in spearfish). Anything placed in a sequence may use ordinal numbers or use the sequence names. Military units containing three squads may call them first, second, and third squad or phoenix, tiger, and guardwolf squad. Measuring cups and spoons that are whole increments rather than fractions may be labeled with an animal icon rather than number glyphs, though fractions will usually use numbers.

In dates and military units, the choice of sequence name or number name is usually going to alternate for ease of understanding. A huntingbird ten is 60, rather than saying "six ten[s]" or "a huntingbird dragon". If you say Spring's snowtiger to refer to a ten-day period, you'll call the day within it by its number, e.g. fifth day of the Spring's snowtiger. But if you want to name the day, you'd say the greydeer of Spring's eighth.

scribblemyname — 02/03/2023 2:41 PM

levels not floors

scribblemyname — 02/03/2023 6:32 PM

good evening God, the end of day
nears again and so I pray
I'm grateful for the Sabbath rest
Though I feel I gave my best
Lord, I ask my best improve
As through the days and weeks I move
And teach me Lord to rest in You
And in Your peace my lifetime through

scribblemyname — 02/04/2023 7:30 PM


the new month
the rising dragon month
the falling dragon month
the mountain lights month

the singing glories month
the dancing storms month
the breath of winds month
the woven strands month

the hungering void month
the void satisfied month
the burning lights month
the unfolding blooms month

the solemn eyes month
the eternal mists month
the spreading heavens month
the plummeting depths month

the world weights month
the heavenly anchors month
the turning wheels month
the biting hunters month

scribblemyname — 02/06/2023 7:59 AM

yitzonn running, as happens, naturally
haenn by hand - actively, intentionally, by deliberate effort

moet-miets yathsaa yitzonn? is that my yellow girl happening by?

huanra snack
huadr vigilant
hyet bread
duen steed, a horselike creature
mowani ruler, king, queen
mowani ko war queen, war king
duenmowann kingsteed

scribblemyname — 02/06/2023 8:49 AM

aved, aveth: marked, as in Tayas Kms aveth Curunde, where Tayas Kms are considered 1st and 2nd personal names, but band, clan, and duty-lineage are all what one is marked rather than named. Etym. derived originally from "clawed" in the sense of having been marked by claws.

For K2-Nar, we have -hen as the original ergative case ending, derived from heme, "hand." Methinks this one erodes to -en fairly quickly.

And ongit: tea. Huasi vunnosen ongit nohenye iejes shengoshukiaa.

That is

to drink.SG PAST tea.SG.ABS 1P.ERG.PL VOL moonlight.LOC K2-Nar

empreta: to hunt together (as a social or companionable activity)
imea: eye
nij: blood
nijeres: divine power (godsblood)
yaiye: water
dini: (any member of any species of) small, migrating songbird
mouwe: divine yellow
njeho: light breeze; someone who passes through quickly or only stays for brief visits (shorter than is polite)
nwehi: path
nyemouwe: divine white
payat: bread
pwuteks: bed; bed of a body of water, seafloor
tsabi: body
vurte: burn wound
busihts: fetus; pregnant
ikiets: to stab
njikh: tooth
suarot: tree
teɡh: knife
ts'awi mountain; (poetic) dragons
tsadi river
shivimee: imperative, pass (inanimate object) to me, e.g. shivimee ohuali, "pass the (bread)sticks"
shinimee: imperative, come here

scribblemyname — 02/06/2023 3:08 PM

good afternoon, O Lord of hosts
Of my own strength I cannot boast
If I say go, they do not go
It is a skill only You know
But grant me peace in all of this
For trusting You alone is bliss
To know that even through these tests
You will bring me to some rest

scribblemyname — 02/07/2023 7:31 AM

I go to sail the dragon sea
my love, my love 2x
Don't wait for me, don't wait for me
my love, my love
Don't wait for me, don't wait for me
Because, because

sung by coastal clans at funerals

scribblemyname — 02/08/2023 7:53 AM

sasu - child, offspring
miis - infant


scribblemyname — 02/24/2023 7:37 AM

gi, oge numbers
kanwun year
wunn annual

scribblemyname — 02/24/2023 7:45 AM

sul, osol fractional partitive
yishor can't marry

scribblemyname — 02/24/2023 7:53 AM

isut memory, record, log

scribblemyname — 02/24/2023 8:43 AM

southern gisun, oksun

scribblemyname — 02/24/2023 8:14 PM

pmto trade goods
kients trade instructions or information

March 2023

scribblemyname — 03/02/2023 7:46 AM

yaiue season

scribblemyname — 03/02/2023 7:58 AM

prtzon marriage

scribblemyname — 03/02/2023 8:43 AM

pntzon trade

scribblemyname — 03/05/2023 11:48 AM

inut resource(s)
inughra wealth, surplus resources
davke foreign trader

scribblemyname — 03/09/2023 5:56 AM

Tren walking over to Chaz's wearing swearter, bite of chill to the autumn wind, sees Chaz and complaints disappear without dripping off his tongue

scribblemyname — 03/09/2023 2:53 PM

niewutsuve - dragon winds, that is warm winds coming off the Dragon Sea and blowing westward

scribblemyname — 03/09/2023 3:14 PM

yaiye > iiye, n. water; adj. -e, -et, -es, -er. 1. wet; 2. watery, dilute liquid, e.g. watery tea; 3. young, relatively untrained or naive person

scribblemyname — 03/09/2023 3:22 PM

{travel} inlitzon, to ride
{travel} paritzon, to be carried
{travel} ??-tzon, to cross over

scribblemyname — 03/10/2023 1:29 PM

okay, some notes go here: Brín go in the desert between the True North and the Great City just to the west of the mountains bordering the War Clans, mostly along the lake mid-desert between those mountains and Lehwa's eastern border. Lehwa considers some of the desert their territory, but the Brín consider the desert theirs entire. The lake is fed by waters from the True North, and the original settlers mostly swept down from there, though they've always picked up some from east and south as well.

Gian becomes the Little Dragon of the Copper Court, ruling over the Great City (Elohwangian, Lo his child name, Gian his political name, Littleling his ward name, and the Little Dragon his name). His half brother Shian is a trader among the Brín. Shian's children are Antha and Haitha. Haitha expands dragon trade between the Great City, Brín, and the True North and marries a girl from the True North. Due to their actions and dragon migrations, the Garden Court is established as a port for shipping, mail, and dragon travel, as well as housing a massive enclosed plaza of carefully developed water system, garden, and animal raising to provide food to allow dragons to live there.

This precipitates the Joint Council of the Thaifka who determine whether the intent to lay stone and projected consumption can be supported by the lake. They were able to make agreements with the Great Court in the True North where She Who Awakens presides to establish the Icewater Court and send an established amount of water down the river. Young dragons who wish to join the Brín establish the Court of the Wall, defining the border with Lehwa, and registering with all the established Thaifka and requesting elders for their court, which ends up prompting the Joint Office of Customs. Dragons also establish the Court of the Waters just south of the mountains of the north and appoint themselves responsible for measuring and protecting the waters. They consider themselves Brín and choose to register with the Thaifka, lay open plazas always "open under the sky", pass the bracelet at the arrival of visitors, sending word when it's one of their own or arranging and smoothing potential trade with someone new, adopt no local currency, and guard anything sent downriver.

scribblemyname — 03/10/2023 1:39 PM

Haitha's son (oldest child, 3 younger sisters) notices that Shian is unhappy and feels his world has grown smaller and that the Thaifka are acting more as a governing body than a purely presiding body, but he doesn't want to start over or settle elsewhere from his chosen community. Haitha turns to Flame Blooms in Winter, who grants him her power, which enables him to create "freedom stones" to set in the open plaza, that it be always under the open sky. No one in the plaza can be compelled.

scribblemyname — 03/10/2023 1:49 PM

On the topic, the Copper Court includes Flame Blooms in Winter presiding and He Around Whom the Worlds Turn ruling. Her daughter Cold Under Fire was warded by Gian after he was warded by Flame Blooms in Winter from 11 years old. Cold Under Fire warded his two children by the half-dragon daughter of one of the youngest who flew over. Gian ruled beside Void Under Sunlight but Void Under Sunlight was injured during the Black Rain (TIAT), fighting alongside the Iron Dragon, and retired (to run off and go find the dragons of the True North). So Gian talks the Iron Dragon at the Court of Iron and Blood in the Undercity to give him Moonlight Under Water to rule beside him instead. He's stuck with him right up to ruling the Overcity though, and Void Under Sunlight becomes ambassador to the Council of Nations. Once Gian's Garden faction wins over the Songbirds and Citadel faction, Shian brings his wife and children to meet the Copper Court. Flame Blooms in Winter's daughter Flowers Under Sunlight had very eagerly showed up in Brín when she learned how to transform. She introduces the two to her three hatchlings, and Haitha ends up working with Snow Under the Sky and Light Under {Night}.

scribblemyname — 03/10/2023 1:57 PM

lauv is Brín for stone, to lay stone is to build or help build a residence one intends to live in and one must register intent to lay stone with the Thaifka, who determine if there is prior claim on the property

scribblemyname — 03/16/2023 8:08 AM

brin terms

saihadin birdtower
breddun horse tie
dun steed
duin spirit or ghost
boshing flowering gourd, a divine fruit
geshing peach, a divine fruit
isha strength
patrin maternal aunt or uncle
patrinsa maternal cousin
kamin, kaminsa paternal
din bird, runner scout watchman
burin desert

scribblemyname — 03/16/2023 10:00 AM

shinin bracelet
shinindin bracelet bird: runner scout watchman

scribblemyname — 03/20/2023 9:11 PM

Leshet felt the shifting seasons lightly, the cooler winds and white mists of spring drifting through her, unable to chill her breath or dampen her skin. The sight of Tide and Moonlight at the stone table they'd chosen hit her harder, more familiar and less fleeting, for all spring was a mere four dragons previous, compared to the years since they'd paused their disparate circuits to cross threads again.

Moonlight stood tense and tall by the table, arms crossed, dark hair practically a cloak of its own in length. Tide at his shoulder was deceptively more relaxed, the godmark of his silver white hair barely brushing his neck.

The Dragon Hundred was as strong as the Phoenix Hundred.

Leshet's lifted her gaze to the scar on his face, an extra quirk to his wry expression. She raised her hand, but Tide halted her by the wrist. "Don't."

"Of course."

scribblemyname — 03/21/2023 1:26 AM

washed up at Connors with a tide of fellow students from the middle school, at least an hour before high school extracurriculars would let older teens flood the place

scribblemyname — 03/21/2023 5:32 AM

the sword hung above the mantel

come in, Captain

may I ask—?

the original, passed down through the generations from our ancestor, the very legend you seek. studied Joem for a long moment. There are three branches of my family and three heirs who hold rights to these artifacts.

I'm afraid I'll need to take them all.

I see.

scribblemyname — 03/21/2023 5:41 AM

Leshet reactivated with the Elite after her first husband died, like soil awakening in spring, full of the seeds of winter. She'd belonged to the First Unit when she'd gone fallow; she belonged to it when she returned.

"I've redistributed the Undying," Yonyunn told her. She'd put the Curunde trio in the Nine Hundred Sixty-Third Unit.

Leshet understood. Hiding that some did not die of natural causes was a reasonable enough decision.

"I'm First," Leshet said. "I chose duty once."

Yonyunn hesitated, no doubt remembering the conversation that led to Leshet's assigned marriage. She relented.

Leshet remained.

scribblemyname — 03/21/2023 6:00 AM

tell me, sat beside him, did you know that first time?

no. if I'd known you were related to saiyar, I would never have touched you.

ah. so yonyunn told you

if she hadn't, I never would have agreed

scribblemyname — 03/22/2023 1:30 PM

he had no one to complain to that wouldn't rat him out immediately. communication sacred mission, feature not,a bug, put his fond amusement into the ecosystem so they could sense it where's Beram, split by temperament, are you afraid? are you? story, gives him a touchstone

scribblemyname — 03/28/2023 9:00 AM

susun / susunaghs - "hours", that is a tenth of a watch or 1/40th of a day, also susun osol nakhaurre

scribblemyname — 03/28/2023 11:49 AM

nakhnu guardian, from nakhanau
nakhaurre watch, a period of 1/4 day
nakhaurresh - sea watch
nakhauryon - sun watch
nakhaurchot - night watch
need to figure out grey here

scribblemyname — 03/29/2023 11:17 AM

haimourre hand-units, 1/4 susun or 1/40th of a nakhaurre
vaghar claws, 1/10 haimourre or 1/40th of a susun

scribblemyname — 03/29/2023 11:28 AM

baagyon solar time
baagutsar "regular" civil time
udus regular, normal, ordinary

scribblemyname — 03/29/2023 11:42 AM

baaghar "other" civil time
ishegi, isheginu protectee
ishesul partner, ally, or member of one's workforce or personal networks

scribblemyname — 03/29/2023 1:17 PM

great city:

nutsáb - I
utsáb - you
hatsáb - he, she, they
batsáb - it

scribblemyname — 03/29/2023 8:06 PM

I was like a system dialog box. I only had one button: Okay.

scribblemyname — 03/30/2023 7:10 AM

great city ˈʃu.ʃn shúshin

scribblemyname — 03/30/2023 8:01 AM

chuuchun shi-ja-kor.i

scribblemyname — 03/31/2023 6:00 AM

She received the summons when she woke towards the end of the sea watch. Their unit leader gave her a physical tab silently. Leshet read off the odd script, half statements she was obliged to know the rest of to interpret correctly. When the Knowing could interpret any fully communicated thought to any recipient, passing military communications became an exercise in communicating such that only the right recipient would understand.

First. First place. {time}

Srshe looked at her. Orders.

A mtg. With the First.



scribblemyname — 03/31/2023 7:30 AM

they weren't the first anymore, they were first and 963rd and the husband of the war queen, and yet, they were the first members of the first unit from the time it had been established, and that was never going to go away Leshet smiles once in the whole book. How do you choose to demonstrate catharsis?

scribblemyname — 03/31/2023 8:54 AM


unshókhe a new genre of nontraditional song and dance sprung up among the youth of the lower city's plaza

ishing(al) child(ren)

April 2023

scribblemyname — 04/02/2023 9:11 AM

possible kofnea

mounu ichiche
mounu ishishe
ani yitzonn itsivayo

scribblemyname — 04/03/2023 7:45 AM

chirnea member of one's anchiri, a friend who knowingly helps to anonymize you
anchiru, -ut, -unn, -u anonymizing, of or related to anchiru

scribblemyname — 04/04/2023 9:52 AM

Sontu Aghmtanti, born in Taegung as Paschtha Ishiem just south of the mountains of the border with the Danni, family grows and trades food and spices that need wetlands or boxes, incl. tsuntsi. Has 2 younger siblings. Marries Minunn
ichin - verbal gesture of respect toward older male
achi - verbal gesture of respect toward older female

scribblemyname — 04/04/2023 11:21 AM

Yunn had fling with Gin of first kolos, was chirnea to Moet, I am good chirnea. Yes, you are. Praise me more.

scribblemyname — 04/05/2023 8:35 AM

duzho geef

not in front of children

explanation demanded from children

why would you want to curse anyone?



these are ishiem words - duuso vs. duusho > duuzho
ichin > izhit (feminized insult)

Minunn livid until he promises to make the effort around her and the children
yoich - verbal gesture demanding respect, yoichi in Ishiem

maybe all my glory is my claws in place
maybe all my glory is a pretty face
maybe all my glory is a voice arrayed
but it's mine, but it's mine
and I'm never going to change

you laid these bones
you made them strong
you laid these bones
but they're mine, but they're mine
and that's never going to change


You cannot take your grown children by the hand.


I am not your heir. I will not return to Taegung, not for my wedding, not as your heir. That place is for Anyiet.


Yesh Runn stormy sea, Gin's brother

scribblemyname — 04/05/2023 9:10 AM

pers. I
nokh / noikh / ukh
nokhs / noekhs / uikh

class III
hinokhs / ukhs
I appear to be developing something of a tree of linguistic change in this language family, oops, and just trying to sort out how one thing leads to another all at the same time.
So possessive suffixes in Kofnea-Adan (as I'm calling it now):

m. ukh, f. uikh, n. ukh, o. urëkh (2nd p): your

Where ë is now how I'm indicating the schwa, which is phonemic in Kofnea at least.

vs. in Kofnea-Kolos (modern), where -miets used to indicate the immediacy of a kinship relationship is starting to see use as an inalienable possessive, aka, my love, my husband, my {name}, mine, while still only usable with immediate relatives. This also combines with regular possession when used as a possessive pronoun rather than adjective:

m. miatsukh, f. miatsuikh, n. miatsukh, o. miatsurëkh (2nd p): yours
No! Sorry for being unclear! So it'd be like Shion-miets is how a character calls her husband, My wolf, as an endearment. Literally, it's wolf-immediate relation marker. Miatsukh would be a way of saying "yours" meaning "your immediately related {person in this context}."

scribblemyname — 04/05/2023 3:15 PM

like the river blue mist, gonna burn itself away
young love, young love
gonna disappear one day

like the passing days
got to live them while we can
young love, young love
we learn with our own hands

scribblemyname — 04/06/2023 7:47 AM

jishim ishiam verbal gesture of surrender or resignation, esp. to something deemed the natural order of things

scribblemyname — 04/06/2023 8:07 AM

jikhoue - accompanied by chin jut on kho, irritated pain

scribblemyname — 04/06/2023 1:31 PM

Sontu: na ushunn (I'm hungry)
ushun - n. hunger

scribblemyname — 04/06/2023 2:15 PM

geyef / ge'ef
zhoyon / zho'on

scribblemyname — 04/07/2023 7:12 PM

nehin fling
wa nehin a fling
nehin (h)ani a person one has a fling with

scribblemyname — 04/07/2023 7:50 PM

hasath premarital romantic partner

scribblemyname — 04/08/2023 7:49 AM

shuka yone - sunlight
goes by yunn - morning
sachin respect to male peer with higher standing
sachi respect to female peer with higher standing

scribblemyname — 04/08/2023 2:55 PM

yatech heart as emotional center (miets), one's emotional energies, the most intense of one's emotional attachments (nokh / noikh)
hoagh heart organ
jita / shita alive
hoagh jita / shita heartbeat, pulse
achid the ceremony of marriage where the couple imbue each other with the power of their own contracts, usually performed during a wedding but can be considered a wedding act which merely needs verification afterward

scribblemyname — 04/08/2023 5:29 PM

pirtot keep far, to distance oneself
pirtha keep close, to stay near to

scribblemyname — 04/10/2023 1:44 AM

don't want to be awake
don't know how to sleep
not tonight
all the fight
in me turned inward

scribblemyname — 04/10/2023 6:00 AM

yague romantic committed love

scribblemyname — 04/10/2023 6:22 AM

yague romantic committed love
ungtha nearby, phys. or ment.
mho voice

scribblemyname — 04/10/2023 7:57 AM

adj. names shung + pakhe

scribblemyname — 04/10/2023 8:12 AM

pirsatha husband
pirsathi wife
yaguegi object of one's love

scribblemyname — 04/10/2023 8:56 AM

poghro aumyo pasta w/a traditional soupy sauce
baahas tiger

scribblemyname — 04/10/2023 9:12 AM

pretar achid tie, contract(s), those one has a future with, e.g. family, close friends, spouse, etc., fate

scribblemyname — 04/10/2023 3:04 PM

sadi river
satsa stream

scribblemyname — 04/10/2023 4:19 PM

economic, cultural, political, technology, religion, geography

scribblemyname — 04/11/2023 11:59 AM

nukhshi play, dialect variants nughshi, nuushi, nukchi

okhshi work

suim shiuntsi a style of presentation, incl. dress, scents, makeup, jewelry, and colors considered appropriate for casual or formal social occasions. It's marked by what are considered green scents, soft clothing lines and cuts which do not expose clan marks, understated jewelry and hairstyle, and natural makeup if any.

pns nagm a style of personal presentation considered appropriate for casual wear or work around the home but not in public. It's marked by functional clothing which may be worn or damaged from previous work done in it, e.g. paint spattered jeans, and a lack of makeup or jewelry.

okhsh danmi a style of personal presentation seen as permissive working uniform, which allows some stylistic or personal choice variations from a set uniform. It is one of few presentation styles viewed as almost always appropriate, excepting the rare occasions when strict uniform is required. Danmi in practice varies by uniform and profession. Professions with no set uniform cannot utilize danmi.

pns - comfortableness

pns idrntso - comfortable loose or long fitting presentation suitable for everyday wear

pns udus - everyday nonwork personal presentation style

okhsh udus - everyday work presentation, no uniform,

pns yenes - presentation with softcloth and cuts that reveal clan marks

ildns - friendship of companionship, generally viewed as continuing by choice and preference

ildnsn(a)(i) - friend of companionship

minunn - having a soft, gentle quality, esp. of voice, demeanor, or appearance

shung - 1. flowing, as of water, 2. giving and generous of one's time and effort on behalf of others

suim ghra - formal social dress and presentation with floral scents, decorative hairstyles, etc.

yapft - friend who is acting as chaperone during courtship

yivsl - a flower brought with them from Kareios having a pleasing scent

suim pns - light clothing with patterns and floral colors, floral or fruit scents

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The b here is v in some dialects. Parenthetical ni is omitted for inanimate referents.

absolutive personal pronouns:
For ergative, add -hn.

1st - na, ni, no, uren
2nd - ou, ouet, uus, urou
3rd - a(ni), ha(ni), wa(ni), ba(ni)

possessive personal pronouns:
For ergative, add -n.

1st - nokh, noikh, nokhs, norekh
2nd - ukh, uikh, ukhs, urekh
3rd - a(ni)kh, ha(ni)kh, wa(ni)kh, ba(ni)kh

Ishiam adds two sets, ba- for speaking to or of someone with indeterminate or unknown difference in age, generation, or standing and sa- for speaking to or of someone of lower age, generation, or standing. Yeah, rather honorific like I'm noticing.

scribblemyname — 04/12/2023 6:59 AM

ymke - comfort food
iyudu - n. 1. scent, 2. perfume
hiyaube, -et, -o (-es), -r - adj. painful
hiyaubo - n. pain
sennar - n. earrings
yagueourre - n. courtship period before marriage
huesourre - n. menstrual period
duushung - v. to let one's thoughts or feelings slip such that the Knowing translates to them to others, generally this is looked down on or considered embarrassing for anyone over a certain age
uchietson - n. being respectful
uchietse, -et, -es, -er - adj. respectful
uchietsetre, -ret, -los, -re - adj. disrespectful, rude
oueho - fun
yagueit - ptcp. adj. 1. engaged, 2. committed romantically
yaguekue, -et, -es, -er - adj. suitable for marriage in standing, compatibility, etc.
prtsonkue - adj. 1. marriagable, that is legally eligible for marriage, 2. eligible for marriage by having no egregious disqualifying personal traits
eseche - n. a formal social event incl. a meal, usually dinner
sokhoto - n. a social meal engaged in to discuss potential business arrangements
gev - neut. n. zero
eas - n. spirit, referring to the life and consciousness of a person or god
ishrtse - studious

daashi - personal presentation style sometimes considered synonymous with suim pns, but which varies in...

scribblemyname — 04/12/2023 11:05 AM

ksh'danmi daashi is what Saiyunn wears
ksh'danmi yenes is what Tayas wears

scribblemyname — 04/13/2023 8:26 PM

sontu and minunn's first child is aiyungi jitai, "yatech"

scribblemyname — 04/14/2023 6:29 AM

kofnea-tsuala paschtha
kofnea-tsuala tsuvea (kofnea-curun)
kofnea-tsuala lakha
tsabua - ud. soul, spiritual "body", tl. highest self, cl. etiquette, best behavior
tsabung - n. the land within war clans territory, usu. indicative of that of a clans group but sometimes indicative of parts or all
yeshietsa, -tsi, -ts, -tsr - coastal
prtseche - n. wedding meal, wedding celebration

scribblemyname — 04/14/2023 8:57 AM

aiRo25writes G0d_1s_My_Strength
scrib G0d_1s_My_Str3ngth
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aemiets, taemiets - significant other

scribblemyname — 04/17/2023 5:58 AM

sant - the dry ingredients of a dish, when initially prepped separately
hastha, -i - male or female premarital romantic partner, see hasath

scribblemyname — 04/17/2023 6:53 AM

It wasn't that Sata didn't see him coming. Sata's temper wasn't one which cooled easily, and even when it did, it generally hardened into unwavering resolve. His temper kept him flinging spear and fire, spear and ice, even when Jioror the Lahan, Chief of Information entered the training room and stopped to stare.

Sata was glowing. He was still condensed power, rippling waves of heat and shatters of ice rolling off him. He turned, pulling his spears upright in his hands, and looked down toward the Lahan.

His face was full of surprise, something familiar and cold clenched in his right glove.

Sata's temper fled him, and he considered just who had wielded that last. He diffused his power, reabsorbed his spears, let the glow fade from behind his eyes, as he leaned forward.

"Sata?" The Lahan sounded uncertain. "Shouldn't you be in bed?"

He wasn't addressing the obvious. Sata wasn't human.

But Sata did, an edge of humor on his tongue. He didn't bother to pretend youthfulness. "When he wakes, he'll want to hunt." Sata was decidedly out of practice. "My almost child." He waved toward the spear.

Jioror stiffened.

scribblemyname — 04/18/2023 7:28 AM

uzh - ishiam. work
uzhanme - ishiam. ksh'danmi
uzhun - worker
uzhungam - troublemaker, a very rambunctious child or person under one's care or responsibility, nuisance


okhshne - worker
okhshngam - employer

scribblemyname — 04/18/2023 1:33 PM

shcha verbal gesture meaning here or for you

nea, kofnea recognized person (adult, registered age of forfeiture)
hinea, hsnea unrecognized person (young adult, unregistered age of forfeiture)
msnea child young enough to not keep anchiri yet
bsnea nonclans person

ouekhe - verbal gesture of directed displeasure, equivalent to shaking a fist or finger at someone

uusoue - to admire with awe, as a role model or beautiful wife
ososou - to admire with fondness, as a cute child or pet

scribblemyname — 04/18/2023 8:56 PM

I write a note to self
my heart up on a shelf
oh, I could take it down
would it make me someone else

do you see the broken glass
image between the cracks
my mirror to hide behind
where even I can't find

there's silence blooming where I used to tread
quiet rooming with loudness in my head
a diet of hope and pain on which I've fed
feels like centuries lying in this bed

it's hard sometimes to make the words come out
harder still to stop the broken spout
swallow down the person I can't be
hating, dreading that I think they're me
letting go so hard so I can breathe

scribblemyname — 04/18/2023 9:04 PM

I didn't mean to write that
but when did I ever mean
any sort of thing
I wear another hat
do you know this brand new version
smile at the subversion
before we start reversion
another tit for tat
words on my tongue
when the night is young
ignore, ignore the heedless stream
the fanciful dream
I never meant to write that
to break the ice, the glass
to teach another class
on why to leave me be
forget, just please forget me
I loathe to feel your eyes
and yet I need
I cannot bear the pain
and yet I bleed
kiss me
is this a metaphor
I dream of lost things
lost and faded wings
I used to soar
and even more
laughter like sunshine
bubbled in my chest
before I learned the world's not kind
and no one will help
my world drifts in and out
of yours, the loneliness
finds me on edge
intersections like promises
never empty yet unfulfilled
I feel unskilled
my hands unable to grasp
quicksilver fish, like dreams
your life now gone
from the lines and threads we wove
a treasure trove
of memories and sobs
I leave the chest closed

scribblemyname — 04/18/2023 9:13 PM

how long have I held you heavy in unspoken places?
I brace myself for another wave
this is not bravery, braving the locks
realizing I locked away my grief
like a bird in a cage,
always singing and endlessly bringing
an undertone of my drifting self
an ocean without an anchor, my harbor lost
horizon beckons unreachable
for I have a tempest to bring
my thoughts and my dreams
remind me that you believed
the gift I received
from you I cannot toss aside
so I go with the tide
been waiting to heal
for a long, long time
there is no great reveal
just an endless climb

scribblemyname — 04/18/2023 9:51 PM

good evening, God, you know my heart
you've plumbed the depths of every part
you've shown a light inside my dark
I pray tonight an end then start
anew; the morning light will come
your mercies greater than the sum
of all my weakness, failings, loss
you are stronger than my cross
which you allowed my heart to bear
gently saying don't be scared
for not by will must I stand strong
but by you, keep holding on

scribblemyname — 04/19/2023 4:54 AM

auto bio graph
do you even understand
what is hidden in these lines
yes, I know it every time

expiate, got to expiate
a history or two
I appreciate
I am at the gate
and now I'm going through
aya, aya, aya...

educate, got to educate
this heart and soul of mine
I appreciate
cannot leave to fate
I got to underline
aya, aya, aya...
this is no way to live
but I promise to forgive
if you'll let it all go

scribblemyname — 04/21/2023 7:43 AM

don't want to drift out on the water
don't want to burn up in the fire
don't want to sink under the heaven
don't want to lose my way again

scribblemyname — 04/21/2023 9:41 AM

I'd been living for a hundred years
underneath a mountain of fears
crying out: every time You hear
You forgave me and You saved me and You held me dear

I don't why
I don't get by
I need You right
now and forever
You're my only light

scribblemyname — 04/21/2023 10:17 AM

shi no okhsm

oznocha, uznocha - ishiam. move away

scribblemyname — 04/22/2023 5:15 PM

duushon - idea
yadahim - music
amhobaamgi yadahim - musician

tiger rhyme is a double rhyme
singing is mouth music, look up old word for mouth

scribblemyname — 04/24/2023 7:27 AM

ozhaizhenna kus(h)aiyenn

scribblemyname — 04/24/2023 7:48 AM

sitouangm - cook
sitouangamo - grower
sitou - food
sitoue, -et, -es, -er - culinary, dietary, relating to food
sitouatson - argriculture
sitouetre - non-nutritive, inedible

scribblemyname — 04/26/2023 6:23 AM

teas - to run after, to pursue
tasatson - western. pursuit, haste; eastern. tiasatson
tasatse - western. hasty, risky, not well thought through; eastern. tiasatse - ambitious
duuse - preoccupied, overwhelmed by thoughts or memories
duushe - ishiam. thoughtful, with forethought
duuzhedre - ishiam. poorly thought through, reckless
duushert - ishiam. well-considered, properly prepared, ready
sahum - sleep
sahumtha - sleepy
sahumkue - comfortable or restful, such that one can take down one's guard or reserve
sahumotson - insomnia
sahumotse - wakeful, unable to sleep
sahumthtre - awake, active (as of a device or object), still having enough power or connection to a power source for the current plan or activity
sosouege - a cute person or thing
uusege - an admirable person or thing
uusouekue - admirable, awe-inspiring
uusouert - admired, looked up to, dialect: uusoerit
paam - to touch intimately, to have sex
meetha - to touch physically

scribblemyname — 04/26/2023 8:10 AM

ichagefrt - ishiam. exhausted, drained of energy after great exertion or extended wakefulness
shukn - paved or designated street, usually in a city and permitting foot traffic
inliung - street designated for vehicular traffic. ishiam. any street (originating dialect of the term)
khothe - adj. evening
khotha - n. evening. ishiam. chotha
osaghrae - up, greater
osaute - up, higher
os - to move. ishiam. oz, uz

scribblemyname — 04/26/2023 10:08 AM

pretangamo - contract maker, that is lawyer. Notes: These are never private, but represent band or clan interests and serve members of the same. Payment for some functions, e.g. marriage contracts, is provided by the band or clan (with gifts from those served frequently offered if services go over the expected costs). Others must be paid for directly by those served.
ududu - filler word meaning the person is thinking
duu - to think, to reminisce

scribblemyname — 04/26/2023 10:58 AM

oue - interrogative. what
unnse - skin

scribblemyname — 04/27/2023 9:31 AM

yaptha - bruise
ipekho - adj. kind, helpful out of compassion or warm feeling
ipekh - n. 1. warmth (temperature), 2. having a sincerely kind, generous personality

scribblemyname — 04/27/2023 2:02 PM

uzoso - ishiam. wait
ososo - paschtha. thinking
yasncher - hello, goodbye, from "(your) soul be blessed"
pnnsncher - get well, feel better

scribblemyname — 04/28/2023 7:01 AM

common colors

bemrun, bemwun - n. grey
bemruune, bemuune - adj. grey
bemtsad - n. blue
bemtsade - adj. blue
bmsnesh - n. orange, ishiam. bnznesh
bmsnesha - adj. orange

scribblemyname — 04/28/2023 8:58 AM

bmrit, bmrt - having the color or appearance of
oso oso - to work

scribblemyname — 04/28/2023 9:21 AM

senmiunung - garden
unung - property, land one resides on
yeyung - wetland
tsadung - alluvial floodplain
bemsmi - n. green
bemsme - adj. green
ezar(i)t - ishiam. enlivened, refreshed, restored to full health
esrt, esrit - ptcp. born
sitouung - farmland
sitouunung - fruit and vegetable garden
unungkue - arable
unungkuetre - not arable
ununktre - dependent, having no property or significant personal possessions and resources, often referring to the unrecognized who live in clan dormitories until they acquire resources of their own separate from that of their parents

scribblemyname — 04/28/2023 10:55 AM

aii - interrogative. where
nn - n. stuff

nn - teasing, you see?

scribblemyname — 04/28/2023 11:32 AM

update isha- words to ikha-

May 2023

scribblemyname — 05/03/2023 5:32 AM

ishyamnea, uts.
ishiamga, -i, -es, -er, ish. n.
kofiaga, -i, -es, -er - ish. n.
kofiage, -et, -es, -er - ish. adj.

ehom - rhyme
baase, -et, -u, -r - 2nd, tiger
baasa, -si, -s, -ar - other, unknown
aiyunga, -ai, -as, -ar - n.
aiyunge, -et, -es, -er - adj.

scribblemyname — 05/03/2023 8:01 AM

hwun ishiam soeg kanoichr
hwun sitouangm soeg mhoa

scribblemyname — 05/03/2023 10:29 AM

sasu buru - small child

do you want help?

nngev - no

scribblemyname — 05/03/2023 1:24 PM

kudup - big, physically large, very loud

scribblemyname — 05/03/2023 1:54 PM

Going through old words turned up that I have recoined more than planned and accidentally redid an etymology, though I like the new one better and am now retconning the two to work together. But WHY do I have two old words for ear in there and I'm not even going there on some of the terms that overlap with really different phonemes. Do I kill the old word for bread? Or just figure out some real-world etymological path of how we've changed how/what we call bread / loaf / pastry / other baked goods such that I can make it make sense. We don't know yet.

Especially since today was supposed to be let's work on sentence grammar!

old words ->

bitse head
daghos to give
huasi to drink
ies to push (adan)
'iko to pour
oesen shoulder
qimtra' - well provided for, no immediate needs
ijion - to kitchen
suarot tree
nijikh tooth
tegh knife
ikiets to stab
busihts pregnant, fetus
payat bread
pwuteks bed
imea eye
nij blood
nijeres divine power
kib, voas ear
tivuip' health
maietta night
mietsche' arm -> mee miets (beside) -> iets beside
mitna, mitsmit friend
mitscheum - skills, tools one is skilled with
taghe stone
yeun thought
bayin sister
dzakhi brother
tsakho darkness -> cho(t) night

. ela person who is alive

scribblemyname — 05/04/2023 7:00 AM

buusiets - expectancy, waiting period, expectant mother, expected child. curun: vhuusiets
pait - meal, loaf, a ration meant to constitute a meal
mitsm - person, usu. a friend, chosen to collect a newlywed the next morning and prepare them for the sendoff
buusietse, -et, -es, -er - adj. open, pending, released before recognition of the creator and left anonymous

scribblemyname — 05/06/2023 1:18 PM

paidalourre osaghrae wages are up
paitourre provisions for one
paidalourre provisions, wages, salary

scribblemyname — 05/06/2023 7:18 PM

bemali - dyes, paints, colors

scribblemyname — 05/06/2023 10:10 PM

baamba - n. contact card, a version which is able to serve as an identification card, esp. for unrecognized who are living independently
gin (ish.), gen (daan.), amikhki - n. room of a house or building

scribblemyname — 05/08/2023 6:48 AM

baamtsnea - garment maker, stylist
baamtse - adj. presenting oneself as, currently expressing (a thought, feeling, idea, etc.)
baamtson - n. the action of presenting oneself as, expression, as of creative expression or expressing oneself or communicating an idea, feeling, thought, etc.
baamtsrt, baamtsarit - adj. taken in by deception or manipulation, well-dressed
baamstarikue - adj. gullible; easily dressed up, looks good in anything; glib, good at putting on any appearance or giving off any presentation, i.e. socially adaptable; good at lying
baamtsgi - attire, incl. jewelry, clothes, makeup, perfumes or personal care items chosen for lingering scent or immediate effect on appearance

scribblemyname — 05/08/2023 8:56 AM

soengam - clothing maker
benmgam - maker of colors, whether dyes, inks, paints, etc.

scribblemyname — 05/08/2023 11:07 AM

michm - n. 1. tool, 2. device, e.g. a communication or computer device, 3. a friend voluntarily designated as legally having familial rights and responsibilities, due to the closeness of the relationship. Which legal matters can be delegated to them varies from but overlaps with those of birth, marriage, duty, or adopted family

scribblemyname — 05/08/2023 12:51 PM

vudeksnea - bedmate, sibling close enough in age to have shared the parents' sideroom for some time as a small child, friend close enough in age to not be any wiser or more mature for the difference
vsne, bsne - foreign
hsne - young, unfettered, carefree, without duty, foreign

scribblemyname — 05/08/2023 1:28 PM

yadahimoge - adj. musical, e.g. yadohimoge michm, "musical instrument"

scribblemyname — 05/09/2023 3:02 AM

mitnea - n. friend (of choice)
mitna - n. friendship (of choice)
mishe (uts.), miche (ish.) - n. 1. arm, 2. will, 3. one's strength and resources, e.g. a mishe oge Vannu-wani osol a mishe oge Paschtha-wani "the arm of the Vannu is with the arm of the Paschtha", ish. a miche oksun Vannu-wani osun a miche oksun Paschtha-wani 4. one's skillset, e.g. he should strengthen his arm means he should improve his skills

scribblemyname — 05/09/2023 5:24 AM

prtso - to marry, to form a contract with

prtsorit, prtsort - adj. married (incl. widows and widowers, unless otherwise specified)
prtsortre - adj. unmarried, without contracts; without confirmed contracts, very young and naive; eschewing responsibility (viewed negatively)

amikhngamo - (uts) n. builder, construction worker

gengamo - (ish., daan.) n. builder, construction worker, specifically a worker who will add or remove rooms in existing buildings or do repairs, repairman. gengamo buru. handyman

isunkuetre - inappropriate for polite company, crude, unspeakable, unrecordable, originating from a category of activities the Knowing will not make a record or file of, e.g. sex, relieving oneself, etc.

yadahimkue - adj. playable on a musical instrument

yadahimkuetre - adj. unplayable on a musical instrument

scribblemyname — 05/09/2023 12:36 PM

ginsituunnge - ish. of or related to the kitchen, e.g. michm ginsituunnges "cooking utensils," lit. "kitchen tools"

ginsituung - ish. working kitchen where one cooks

sitouangmaa - kitchen, that is "where the cook is"

scribblemyname — 05/09/2023 10:05 PM

sitouangntson - n. the activity of cooking or preparing food
sitouangntse - adj. of or related to cooking and food prep

scribblemyname — 05/10/2023 5:42 AM

saghia prtsonge, saghia prtsonea - marriage brother, that is brother in law

scribblemyname — 05/16/2023 7:57 AM

wachung - political power or influence
wachungachu - the right to be heard by one's governing leadership
naachu - to speak or complain to authority, usu. through formal channels; to whine or complain
gachuku - to exercise one's political rights or powers; to act confidently or authoritatively

scribblemyname — 05/16/2023 12:20 PM

apapai - to snack
eshishi - to share
kesourraba, -i, -e, -r - individually, or, oneby one
vasourre - couple, pair
vasourraba, -i, -e, -r - in pairs, two by two, or (between pairs)
nn - taken together, and

nnsol (uts.), nnsn (ish.) - some part of
nnsabi - something
nnoue - somebody
gevn - nobody
gefsabi - nothing, syn. nngev
gefsol (uts.), gefsn (ish.) - no part of

scribblemyname — 05/17/2023 6:03 PM

to people like the people do

inonoue - ish. v. to crowd together, to be sociable. van. v. to be civilized, to be a respectable member of society

scribblemyname — 05/17/2023 7:30 PM

kientsar - media content, literature, and art, etc.

kientsar sul yadahim - music, as refers to tradable, copyable content but not performance

scribblemyname — 05/18/2023 6:54 AM

-chm - postpositional clitic, by (the use of), by (as in grasping by a particular part of)

scribblemyname — 05/18/2023 7:02 AM

unless prev. diff.

yitatse - naturally fast
yitatsekue - deliberately fast, abnormally fast
yitatsekuetre - slow, esp. unusually
yitatseku - to run quickly

yitso, yitatso - to happen, to be natural or authentic
eyitat - to try, to put forth a little effort

sule, sune - partial, incomplete

scribblemyname — 05/18/2023 8:38 AM

dahimokhnea, dahimzhgu - music worker

scribblemyname — 05/18/2023 11:21 AM

uburubu - to put or pack away, to hide oneself, to pack or compress a measured ingredient in cooking

scribblemyname — 05/18/2023 2:49 PM

burun, burol - little one, small young person or creature
metmo - to love familially, e.g. metmonicha nihn yitzonn / haenn, "I love you"
mchmali - personal communication device(s); one's "address" with the Knowing
dahimadi - n. very short song, whether sung or instrumental

scribblemyname — 05/18/2023 5:16 PM

yupta - n. plan, intent
bache - to dance
bachebache - to dance in place; to wait noisily or impatiently

scribblemyname — 05/18/2023 5:27 PM

mimikhli - dorms

fek, fekh, feagh - clan

scribblemyname — 05/20/2023 8:05 AM

abamabam - to encounter someone, to talk or visit quite briefly with someone

scribblemyname — 05/20/2023 8:14 AM

sahumwa shcha - sleep well

scribblemyname — 05/20/2023 8:31 AM

wa, wai, wae, waar - adj. good, as of superior quality
wacha, -i, -e, -r - adj. good, as of superior social standing, achievement, or merit
waghra, -ri, -re, -r - adj. famous, prominent, popular, with strong support from important people, influential

scribblemyname — 05/20/2023 8:38 AM

abaamkhrachiaro - to put best foot forward in one's presentation of oneself, whether appearance or efforts; to be successful; to succeed generally or in a particular effort
abamabamchourre - to put in a little talk (to influential people) or to show a little effort towards one's own success

scribblemyname — 05/20/2023 8:58 AM

haenn abamabamchouurevi ouhn
yitzonn abaamkhrachiarovi nahn

baam buruburuhn
ukh aghrachiaroni haenn

scribblemyname — 05/20/2023 9:29 AM

ongit shungamn, gitshungamn - teapot

scribblemyname — 05/20/2023 12:45 PM

u(p)taenn, u(p)tsonn future tense

unk(h)aenn, unkhitsonn - here and now

th'haenn, thaietsonn - around now, soonish, just now, in the very immediate past or future

ot'haenn, otyitsonn - far past

scribblemyname — 05/22/2023 7:23 AM

vastson - dating, that is spending time with one's significant other in structured social events for the purpose of strengthening or continuing the relationship

scribblemyname — 05/23/2023 1:40 PM

aiyung – phoenix
baahas - tiger
seonh – guardwolf
yefasejek - spearfish
rumhiruune - greydeer
egumruhitzon – huntingbird
yefayon - sunfish
baahasiryo - snowtiger
rumhyitann – quickdeer (Paschtha / Vannu); rumhidaghe - rockdeer (Alhaies of Vannu / Hilakhot)
tsuve – dragon

scribblemyname — 05/24/2023 10:34 AM

avosovos - to chat a little, to listen for a little while

scribblemyname — 05/25/2023 5:03 PM

anouankhe (uts.), anaianche (ish.)

scribblemyname — 05/25/2023 6:24 PM

buchura, buchuri, buchure, buchur - adj.
bucherit, buchert - ptcp.

scribblemyname — 05/25/2023 6:37 PM

butu - why, from purpose or reason????

scribblemyname — 05/26/2023 9:09 PM

(ou) yaguonichayitsonn nihn - I love you romantically, female to male scribblemyname pinned a message to this channel. See all pinned messages . — 05/26/2023 9:10 PM

scribblemyname — 05/27/2023 8:38 PM

ishitaku, ijitaku - to survive, e.g. ishitaku-uptaenn uren "I will survive"
ishitakun, ijitakun - survivor
ishitakul, jitakunr - leftovers (of a meal), remaining things
shungam - pourer, e.g faucets, pitchers, etc.

daous - to give. Note: syn. eshishi is used to offer or to hand or give directly to someone in the momeng. daous is used for more formal or abstract forms of giving, or to refer to gifts during a celebration, etc.

ayud -

scribblemyname — 05/27/2023 9:04 PM

Usually entering the atmosphere was the worst of it. Not this time. Instead of the ride smoothing out, sudden turbulence forcibly caught their little ship and propelled them northwest and down at a frightening rate.

scribblemyname — 05/29/2023 10:15 AM

wangam - ascension trial
yonngam - interior lighting (system)
shukingam - lamp, light fixture

scribblemyname — 05/29/2023 2:31 PM

aiyungayo - to ascend (to a sworn duty) after a trial, to rise in standing or ability after facing difficulties, to persevere

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