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October 2022

scribblemyname — 10/01/2022 8:09 AM

1. describe war palace architecture, decor, populace, furnishings
2. incl. her clothes and marks

scribblemyname — 10/01/2022 8:36 AM

Leshet I will serve when your descendants are dust

scribblemyname — 10/01/2022 12:54 PM

laihilar marketplace
security of service

scribblemyname — 10/03/2022 11:54 AM

busutag - "(I'm an) apologetic (person)"
esavig - gremlin, predicate/accusative? case

scribblemyname — 10/04/2022 5:46 AM

Early evening in the mountainous southern border of the War Clans—a series of sparsely wooded escarpments where the First Unit of the Elite had camped out to guard it—was interrupted by a sudden shrieking void-creature crashing into the earth just outside the ring of tents.


Early evening in the mountainous southern border of the War Clans—a series of sparsely wooded escarpments where the First Unit of the Elite had camped out to guard it. Border guard duty remained vigilant, despite the relatively peaceful relations the War Clans now managed with their neighbors.

Each unit consisted of three squads of four people and a unit leader. Leshet had been with the First since her recognition on graduating school. Faces came and went but the quiet act of standing watch together remained the same:

Their encampment was small and barely visible, even if one knew what to look for. Tents huddled against the rocky backdrop, a shimmer of their surroundings on the tent surface, a technology she'd appreciated when it was introduced.

Those not on watch engaged themselves quietly in rest or sustenance on heating implements in their tents, but no fires to reveal their presence.

Since Mari had ascended as War Queen over the Danni last year, tensions along the southern border had eased, but long habits of active skirmishing meant the Elite treated this post as ever ready to explode into violence.

First squad. Leshet had been in several over the generations. She was in front now though, settled in her assigned perch in a nook of the rock where she could see over the northward plain. Vetta was up a tree, white hair the only standout feature rendering him noticeable.

scribblemyname — 10/04/2022 6:34 AM

It wasn't age. He had a small child at home and grew older at the normal rate. Leshet assumed it was a contract mark. His immediate partner Anae was below him, facing the other direction, her red hair even more telling. But she'd hidden well in the shadows of the branches around them.

War had been with the War Clans for generations. The old dragons had held these mountains against the muderous Lost Clans while nurturing a generation strong enough to put them down. After the betrayal of the Danni, the War Clans guarded this border against the Danni's old War King and his Elements, a fighting unit as dangerous as the Elite.

scribblemyname — 10/04/2022 6:46 AM

maybe start from relieving the second?
dragons, people with transformative powers

phoenix, dubbed unkillable (not actually true, just difficult to kill)

scribblemyname — 10/04/2022 8:38 AM

niqorod the national metaphor
nimeishte the tree of the nation
nisigo the nation's shield, the khaneios family
meishtegana meishte the country
kigut royalty, member of royal family
kigana the crown family
nikigo one of the houses of government, presided over by the sitting crown

scribblemyname — 10/04/2022 9:34 AM

we are but lights in the dusk

lights. no. her soul recoiled from sudden, terrifying realization as she was in the most terrible moment possible rendered powerless

scribblemyname — 10/04/2022 9:41 AM

Early evening in the mountainous southern border of the War Clans. A vague purple-bluish light had settled over the series of sparsely wooded escarpments where the First Unit of the Elite had camped out to guard it.

Leshet remembered when the mountains sloped upward naturally, thick with piney trees. Now, she imagined she could smell the ancient lightning that had scored it and glassified so much of what once was sand. The scorch marks had faded over time, under sediment, but the forestation had yet to recover from that long ago battlefield. Leshet had been with the First Unit since her Recognition on graduating school.

She watched as a flare of heat and light found a member of the second squad, up the towering height of a scoutworthy tree. The phoenix flame turned person and Anae settled in behind the departing warrior to stand watch.

Higher still on the same tree, Leshet's squad leader Vetta clambered into position with a view of all the northward plain. His white hair wasn't due to age. Considering his grandfather, she assumed it signaled one of his inherited contracts with the gods.

Leshet was a white tiger mist, and she preferred to go on watch by overlapping her body with the previous watcher, healing any injuries they'd happened to acquire. Seheri mouthed a string surprised curses but moved silently out of the cleft of rock she'd occupied, leaving Leshet sitting in her place atop a thin bed of opportunistic lichen. The bulky shadow of Ikhankos, the last member of the first squad within the unit, joined Leshet, equally silently.

The southern mountains of the War Clans was their most important border, and even making peace with the Danni hadn't relieved the perpetual sense of tension among those who guarded it. Long habits of active skirmishing meant the Elite treated this post as ever ready to explode into violence.

scribblemyname — 10/05/2022 8:59 AM

tries solo first, can't use reflect for this

touched her in passing, calculating something other than do unto others what would otherwise happen to you

come by tonight

do you want to or not?

scribblemyname — 10/23/2022 4:38 PM

Love and trust have to be earned. In Dutch we have a saying 'vertrouwen komt te voet en gaat te paard' which translate to trust comes on foot and goes on a horse. It means trust is hard to build but easy to lose.

scribblemyname — 10/23/2022 4:50 PM

What are you doing?

I burned a pot

So you're burying it? thoroughly amused

Well... I wasn't sure how to clean it

November 2022

scribblemyname — 11/13/2022 3:28 PM

what's a proper watch party without a proper crumpet?

scribblemyname — 11/28/2022 7:23 PM


numbers 1-6 k2-nar

scribblemyname — 11/28/2022 9:19 PM

Small Tales: remembered things

December 2022

scribblemyname — 12/02/2022 12:24 PM


scribblemyname — 12/03/2022 8:51 PM

setup, buildup, payoff
flashbacks needed:
only time before that Leshet cried
Tayas receives proposal
Saiyar's death

scribblemyname — 12/11/2022 6:23 PM

I exist, it's good

scribblemyname — 12/14/2022 8:41 PM

yonyunn morning day, dawning day, morning time, bright season, dawning season/era
yun n. div. morning
yunn adj. div. of morning, at morning

scribblemyname — 12/15/2022 8:26 AM

you don't have to pay me
if you ever change your mind, come by anytime
you have hours
Red can let you in


chaining me to the restaurant now
that's right. I keep getting a feeling from that kid that just won't go away
farmer's market, no parental agreement, record it

scribblemyname — 12/20/2022 4:53 PM

it's bones on bones
translator: it's an old city that has been built over the top of several times

scribblemyname — 12/22/2022 11:36 AM

sometimes you reach a point
where you feel so hollow
where the quiet whispers in
what if tomorrow
is just like what it was
that yesterday
you shrug your shoulders, smile
that's why we pray

scribblemyname — 12/28/2022 8:59 AM

in the thick of troubles, it may not be obvious how all the pieces of God's plan fit together, but if you finish the story, you'll be glad to have trusted Him all along

scribblemyname — 12/28/2022 6:59 PM


scribblemyname — 12/29/2022 3:07 PM

1200's Turkish Ebru marbling, colored oil dropped and brushed on water, intricated organic patterns, feathering, twirls, fantastical swirling repeating patterns on paper, matte finish, decorative, beautiful, stunning --tile --ar 3:2 --style 800 --chaos 75 --seed 80 --upbeta --test --creative - Upscaled (Beta) by @unknown-user (fast)

scribblemyname — 12/29/2022 8:39 PM

a cluster of grasslands nestled bowls between the bold lines of mountain ranges

scribblemyname — 12/31/2022 7:46 AM

tencentarc/gfpgan – Replicate
displate inprnt