Dragon Clans Terminology

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The ausen, or king, of a clan is the clan leader responsible for the establishment and maintenance of clan territory.


Kane, or tempered, is one of the primary dragon genders characterized by being a blend of hard and soft features that can give an androgynous appearance to those familiar with male and female. Kanesti are not all perfect tempereds and may “lean” hard or soft, which means they may opt to use their leanings as their pronouns and gender rather than their tempered nature. These are kachakane and auffekane.


The kanu, or queen, of a clan is the clan leader responsible for the defense and care of clan membership. They also frequently handle the concerns of residents within the territory that are not marked clan members, though this may alternatively fall to the king's claws.


Trueborn refers to a dragon born from the egg, rather than one born from flesh when the parents were not in native dragon form.