Dragon Clans

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Basic Premise

Humans colonize a world that turns out to already be inhabited by three-gendered aliens soon known as dragons, for their wings and claws and that some of them breathe fire. The dragon clans are not so pleased by humans establishing territory in the Free Wilds, land meant to be free of territorial claims, but are reconciled by the new diplomat, Lacey. But when humans seek to expand into a second colony, Lacey is drawn deeper into Clan politics as the dragons reject further encroachment on the Wilds.

Dragon Clans

Dragons are a shapeshifting, three-gendered, single sex race, composed of the clannish and the territorial, descended from multiple variations of two major races: the kiedi and the gouhi. The ruling clans of the dragons hold seats on a council that makes decisions for a given geographical area. A ruling clan can only hold territory and their seat if they have either a kanu, translated king, or both a queen and at least one child of the clan. Members of a ruling clan are those "marked" by the king or former king of that clan, but any dragon residing in a ruling clan's territory is considered part of the clan to a lesser degree, obligate to follow its laws, and able to avail themselves of any help or protection granted by the ruling clan. Clans are exogamous. "Claimed" family members of a marked member of a clan are also considered belonging to the ruling clan, unless they have been marked by a different clan's king. Juveniles tend to gather in bands before they select which clan they wish to be marked as.

The major clan groups are:

  • Fire Clans
  • Ice Clans
  • Shadow, or Black, Clan
  • Storm Clans
  • Lightning Clans

Their native language is not human speakable. Their second language is Anhouegessi (sheet).

Story Arcs

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