Challenge: Daily Poetry 2018

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January 2018


Brand New Year (poem)

Good morning to a brand new year
Welcome hope and let go fear
'Round and 'round the bend we go
Anticipating the unknown

rather burn (poem)

burning air within my heart
a fire breathing all my air
eating all my oxygen
whenever you are near
the flames are hot, and I can't bear
to let you go, I hold you near
I'd rather hold you than to breathe
rather burn than ever leave

tiptoes (poem)

dancing on my tiptoes
to the edge of some horizon
spilling into heaven
imagination's flight

sweet things (poem)

don't cry
there are still sweet things
summer kisses
from a child's lips
not ignorance, love
but innocent bliss


beating heart (poem)

wings beat blindly
under my skin
where my rib cage captures
their soaring within
don't let me fly
away from your heart
you gave it to me
it bleeds in the dark

dear (poem)

Your voice is the music my heart
can no longer hear,
though I heard that the songbirds paused
to give you their ear,
and I know that I promised once
I would hold you near—
I tried, my brother, I tried
and still hold you dear.


pass the pain (poem)

pass the pain from my soul
like rocks in the river water, harsh and white
through narrow canyon walls
too high to climb


dark like pain (poem)

For D. and C.

red like fire
dark like pain
I don't forget
but speak your name
softest whisper
nightmare bright
I'd give much
for you in sight
you don't forget
I left you first
when you leave me
so do your worst


your light (poem)

For D. and C.

is the color of your light
is how you rise and fight
is a desired sight
than your brilliant flight


like rain (poem)

For D. and C.

wanting you
blossoms in my chest like pain
falls on me like rain

radiate (poem)

For D. and C.

you are burned
under my skin
like a tattoo on my wrist
the band
is bright and fierce
it catches eyes
they glance again
they turn away
unable to bear
the light, the heat
you radiate
I bask in the sun
you are to me
burning bright
flaming beneath
the flesh
that covers my heart

kings (poem)

We were once the kings
Of our own world
Imagination bowed
Before our wills
Sparking fire and light
Our minds brought forth
All that we would claim
As we grew strong


light in my veins (poem)

open roads
light in my veins
breathe you in
memory strains
faults in the earth
wind woven clouds
sparks in my heart
unspoken aloud


as gravity (poem)

as the fire is warm
as the ocean is deep
as its churn and its cold
through trenches too steep
I can't breathe in the ice
in the fog of my breath
in the steam of your touch
awake me from death
as the gravity dark
starts crushing my heart
I fall into you
let the universe start

escape (poem)

Words do not escape my brain
You blame me for it, and I say
Less and less; the years roll on
Swallow whispers, then they're gone


To Conquer Fear (poem)

This is the year to conquer fear
To face the light with steady sight
To year and desire with burning fire
To stake firm claim upon your name
To hold to hope like knot to a rope
To rise in song, so bold, so strong


Into Brightness (poem)

I will find peace in forgiveness
My tears fall into the sea
The heavens are painted with mercy
New sunlight burning in me
I stare into brightness, unmoving
Walk forward in certainty

miss the way (poem)

I miss the way the leaves blew
Before the wintry winds
Before the snow came early
To bury everything
I miss the summer burning
And miss the snow so white
I miss the crickets singing
Every single night

in castles (poem)

we lived in castles spun from dreams
but never went to the extremes
tasted vict'ry on our lips
drank adventure in small sips
swallowed sunlight 'til we blazed
gazed with wonder, awed, amazed

tickles (poem)

For D. and C.

It tickles my lips
It burns my tongue
An insult for
Each day we're young
You hate my taste
I hate your jokes
You turn the wheel
I am the spokes
It burns inside
My flesh, my gut
The tie between us
We don't know what
We walk away
And leave behind
Yet together
Again we'll find
The world spins us
Forever nearer
And never allows
Another quite dearer
It tickles my insides
The anger you light
In my heart, in my mind
When you're in my sight

Tell Me (poem)

Tell me you know my name
That my life breathes in your breath
You whisper upon your lips
I am not alone
Tell me you'll hold me
When the sunset lingers
With faithful fingers
Tell me you won't walk away
Just stay for one more day


after the fire (poem)

Mornings wake my heart anew
Open places once seared through
I welcome all the burning pain
As spring and life return again

wish you (poem)

kiss you like I mean it
hold you like I need it
wish you'd know I'd never leave
hold me back this once, please

partners (poem)

For D. and C.

it's in my blood,
the way you itch beneath my skin
the taste of my knives, sliding within
the trust, my life held in your hands
wherever one is, the other one stands


pictures (poem)

For D. and C.

pictures of you
on the wall of my dreams
I've forgotten on purpose
it's not what it seems
your absence a pain
I lost on the way
surely you didn't
abandon and stray

foundations (poem)

there are bones under the earth
longer than a man and heavier
there are names written in marrow
that no one can speak, only feel
my heart beats like the core
of a planet turning in space
I raise my hopes and the bones
rise into spires again


morning song (poem)

There are roses in the garden
There's a song upon my tongue
It rises every morning
When the day is young
There's love within my heart
Beating vibrantly
I offer it to Jesus
Who first gave it to me


You Knew (poem)

For F. and Y.

I figured you out
You knew my name
Breath on your lips
My invisible fame
Though every star
Shines bright in the sky
I am content
To shine in your eye

never the pieces (poem)

what I want
is never the pieces of you
I cradle them, shattered
who did this to you
I will hold you forever
make glue with my love
rebuild in my heart
send you forth like a dove

give you (poem)

love me in pieces
I hold out to you
I'd give you everything
you know that it's true
if all of me still
was where it belonged
but I give you my pieces
and so give you all


no broken pieces (poem)

I am a lot of things
no broken pieces
breaking skin, like white
pieces of bone
I am bright, the lights
burn through my skin
warm yourself by fire
place hands within
I am not a hopeless night
I am the candle
burning prayers like incense
can you handle
the endless murmured prayers
of open memories
like open wounds, the gasps
like open stares
I am a lot of things
those broken pieces
gilded with gold, with light
stronger than stone
I do not break, I bend
like reeds in the wind
like hope in the hand of Spirit
I'll last 'til the light


thankful (poem)

morning light emerges from a shining newborn sun
open up your eyes and open up to everyone
pour out perfect love and be thankful for a day
when we are alive and walking forward on our way

under the wings (poem)

keep me safe, I used to pray
I trust in You now every day
and never doubt but walk in faith
I'm safe with You and with You stay


Through Battles (poem)

For C. and R.

Words we never spoke
But always needed to
Promises we broke
While keeping them all through
Battles fierce and nights
Dark with memory
I hold you in my sights
You mean so much to me

the distance (poem)

you promised not to leave me
why are you not here?
you're standing right beside me
but you do not see nor hear
your heart is far away
the distance very clear
I miss you while you're with me
come back to me, my dear

my moment (poem)

Today, I am quiet as a whisper
I missed my moment, I miss my strength
I know how to go to any length
But my limbs keep trembling, and I am quiet
Silence is a comfortable place
Warm around me, forgotten grace
The moment passes, the heart beats on
Silent tears, please tell what's wrong
Spinning years, the sands fall by
In the midst of glass before my eye
Don't press too hard, don't cut too deep
I left my hope in hours of sleep
Today, I am quiet, today again
Once long ago, I knew how to win
The road ahead still lifts my head
I'll think of light, not fall instead

warm as (poem)

leaves fall
to the ground
their colors
are bright and
warm as a promise
then snow

scars (poem)

For R. and C.

burn scars on your shoulders
blade scars on your wrist
I kiss them and you shudder
you give me even this


feel (poem)

For R. and C.

moon bright
over the flowers
nodding their heads
fall down to sleep
my eyes are shut
but I can feel
the warmth of you
your arms 'round me

never kept (poem)

For D. and C.

promises, promises
never kept
old bloody love
awoke then slept
opened doors
since slammed shut
words once gentle
wound and cut
like candles burning
then burned out
the wax is cooling
and I'm without

thirst to shatter (poem)

For R.

want burns in my bones
desire I cannot slake
thirst to shatter and break
break me over your hands
spill out the fire inside
enter my heart and hide


Prayer 042 (poem)

ah, You've brought the morning
a gift so shining bright
brought me brand new mercies
and peace with morning light
God, my King, my Father
I praise You in your might
grant me joy and strength
turn my faith to sight

the summoning (poem)

call my name
summon me from the depths
make your claim
call to me from the breadth
of the ocean tides
and the heavens wide
open your arms
and call my name

flight (poem)

walk me down to the water
where the white birds spread their wings
feathers glow in sunlight
yet they do not sing
they glide over the water
I wonder if it stings
and wait to see them rising
as they beat bright wings

bloody (poem)

For D. and C.

Children, someone calls us
What a lie, a filthy lie
The doors of life were opened
And the doors to death stood by
We've bloodied hands and bruises
And we were not taught to cry
Children, someone calls us
Such a bloody, messy lie

ends (poem)

pretty things, winter winds
this is where the end begins
mornings bright, newborn light
dawn, the new beginning, ends


wait (poem)

hide me in the secret grove of my heart
where the wind blows still and soft
like a breath so faint across my cheek
like the warmth leftover from long-gone touch
like the memories I've almost forgot
there I will wait while the centuries pass
until you come again

like poisoned apples (poem)

For D. and C.

It's in my blood
Like the taint of old
Wounds and promises, on your lips
Like poisoned apples
And on your kiss
I think I would remember this
If love were love
Or innocence

wash me (poem)

wash me clean
a flood so pure
the bones may gleam
the blood endure
my eyes are bright
reflecting light

the road (poem)

the road ahead has bends in it
because the straight true path
isn't where I thought it was
but hope's not in the past
it lives, it breathes, it paves the road
that takes me free and clear
to where I breathe in free at last
and to the Lord draw near

bare (poem)

cauterize my nerve endings
and sanitize my heart
break into the emptiness
burnt deep on every part
Christ will fill the empty places
buried deep inside
strip away all I have left
of any way to hide


into dreams (poem)

castles bright in dreams
woven at the seams
from threads once spun of hope
strong enough to grow
into our dreams so bright
faith born into sight


heart wide open (poem)

wipe the blood from my eyes so I can see you
kiss the tears from my eyes so I can feel you
don't break my heart wide open when you touch
stay with me tonight, I don't need much


set our way (poem)

fading night
the breaking day
open eyes
don't look away
heavens open
in our sight
set our way
and reach the light

wash me in grace (poem)

gather the broken pieces of my heart
gather them, O Lord, into Your arms
wrap me in Your healing arms of love
wash me in Your grace 'til I am whole

light my heart (poem)

light and sun
spinning bright
dancing fierce
to burn the night
open hopes
and scatter dreams
light my heart
in flaming streams


bloom (poem)

the garden of my soul
bursting with spring flowers
after the winter snow
after the autumn rains
the air is still quite cool
the sun however bright
I bask in the warmth of joy
and hold your love in sight

a complement in light (poem)

there on the edge of the rift
my soul takes flight, adrift
burning beneath my wings
and exhilaration sings
I share the joy of flight
a complement in light
we open up the rift
with cutting wings and swift
the heavens open up
like an overflowing cup

seethe (poem)

For S. and M.

kisses hot along my side
I can barely stand the tide
of overwhelming want in me
filling me entirely
the way you touch me desperately
your hands that grip too steadily
I breathe you in and cannot breathe
but hold it in and let it seethe
burning, blooming, feel the high
listen to your sweetest sigh
there is nothing else but this
as we lose ourselves in bliss

broken (poem)

For D. and C.

promises, promises
you made to me
touch me and hold me
you promised to keep
I watch you in nightmares
as you walk away
I hold you and love you
but only in sleep



Prayer 043 (poem)

Good morning, God

it's a new day

Your mercy is renewed

I stay

You have called me

child, friend

I want this love

to never end

birth in me

Your perfect peace

let the joy of God


open up the light

in me

let it burn and

wash me clean

never knew (poem)

soft words, soft touch
never knew it meant so much
warm arms, warm eyes
I need to see your love this time

its outward signs (poem)

love is not without its outward signs
even if they do not spring to mind
consideration, care, and selflessness
take shape often in obscurity
I'll accept the love you give to me

turn again (poem)

hourglass turn again
on the past and rend
to the future shine
on these hopes of mine

scar tissue (poem)

scar tissue
I remember
the things I've faced
were bigger than
all my trials now
the new blades
beneath my skin
are not so black
as storms of then
the seething oceans
of former days
could not drown me
nor hide my face
let this tide
though unrestrained
wash me through
yet I remain

gleaming (poem)

needle sharp and gleaming bright
let in pinpricks of light
hem and stitch 'round every edge
until we're made of light instead

bone deep (poem)

bone deep
you're in my blood
cover me
a drowning flood
breathe you
deep into me
until I'm full
not exhaling


return address (poem)

missives from my lost heart
travel over the miles to reach
the one I never stopped looking for
no matter how deep goes the breach
I know the reply will find me

nearness (poem)

whisper life into my ear
let it fill my body bright
with power and your nearness too
until my world is filled with you

teeth (poem)

winter bares white teeth
needle sharp in glimmers
falling ice that shatters
delicate and pure

under glass (poem)

this and that
bits and pieces
of my life
like feathers flying
through the snow
you cannot see them
under glass
so beautiful

wish me another (poem)

wish me another road home
I'll take it, I will and you know
I never intended this way
I hope you will find a new day


let the light (poem)

Somebody show me the light
Let it bend and refract all around me
Shine bright and open my sight
Flay the illusions that found me
Burn away darkness and night
Open my soul and renew me


onward (poem)

castles bright and gleaming
do not give up hope
keep on walking forward
until you reach the goal


carved beneath (poem)

do you know the name
carved beneath my skin?
remember that one person
that I should have been?
do you know the dreams
that you once dreamed for me?
do you understand
that returning isn't free?

unready (poem)

questions without answers
answers without need
something deep inside me
hungry desperately
I know the things I want
know who I want to be
there is no part of me
ready to receive

learn to breathe (poem)

broken pieces
am I broken pieces
shadows on the wall
tumbling down the waterfall
the ocean seems so wide
vaster than the tide
that washes over me
and drowns eventually
oxygen in lungs
comes up again, I'm young
enough to learn to breathe
the waters in that seethe
you shall not lose my soul
the head shall be let go
and I will rise again
to find that reaching hand

kiss my scars (poem)

For R. and C.

matchless grace
your open face
you kiss my scars
and I see stars
embrace my wounds
and love resumes

sunlight clasped (poem)

whisper in my ear, my mind
help me reach and help me find
light within my open grasp
sunlight in my fingers clasped
open hearts and draw it in
hear yours beating deep within
move in sync and time with you
every feeling burning true


moonless (poem)

moonless nights I come to you
I hold you close; you warm me through
there's comfort in your shadowed face
and more within your warm embrace


trust issues (poem)

so maybe I have trust issues
you never thought to ask me why
never asked me why I cry
just speculated; least you try
maybe I have trust issues
I've seen a lot of painful falls
everything within me calls
don't let go, but don't give all

like oceans (poem)

For C.

cold like oceans
sink in peace
you keep rising
bright in dreams


reasons (poem)

flutter through
like butterflies
no more solid
for passing by


like monuments (poem)

moments in time

like monuments

crumbled once more

to our detriment

rebuild the broken facade
reopen the temple of God

(haiku for justice)

justice may be blind
but mercy stays her hand–a
little bird of hope

winter white (poem)

winter snow

fall, falls

clouds of white

flutter down

warm within

my heart, home

staring out

at winter white

a steady light (poem)

Whisper light and warm
upon my heart so bright,
your love a steady light.


burn (poem)

For M.

I will burn you to pieces
be careful of me
don't call me your ruler
don't make me believe
don't make me your shelter
don't hold onto me
I'll burn you to pieces
then nothing, you'll see


running in rain (poem)

testing and trials
trials and pain
so much to learn and
everything to gain
passing the torch now
running in rain
endure through the night
for day comes again


your edges (poem)

For S. and M.

your edges cut me
I burn inside
with every whisper
you breathed or sighed
I want you fiercely
I even need
to feel your edges
burning me

with wings (poem)

windows into futures
falling like clouds upward
burning like bright sunlight
letting go with wings


like something (poem)

For D.

breaks like something
air, like breathing

flit (poem)

little birds flit from branch to branch
kiss the fruit in joyful dance
open throats to greet the morn
singing in the day newborn

no prize (poem)

bright are the stars within your eyes
don't you know I am no prize
I hold you close, so close to me
in the hopes that you won't see


elude (poem)

words elude
the waking mind
whisper bright
the breezes find
on the edge
of precipice
my heart, my words
can't capture it

with fingers warm (poem)

truths in pieces
move in waves
open faces
full-hearted gaze
read the life
beats in your heart
with open hands
and fingers warm
touch sincerely
gather dreams
one day knowing


open ends (poem)

mornings new with open ends
roads untraveled, familiar friends
hope around the brand new bends
find the harvest our love sends

warmth so bright (poem)

wishes burn
my heart alight
fill my soul
the warmth so bright
you bring to me
with constancy


through desert winds (poem)

wander through the desert winds
toward the sun where world ends
hold my face up to the light
burn all darkness from my sight


be quiet, be still (poem)

God, You know my heart: please make it quiet
open up my sheltered mind; the riot
of all of my conflicted memories
help me give them up entirely


bones ache (poem)

my bones ache
my body bleeds
my heart quakes
with burning need
my hopes burn
the world turns
my soul learns
what I earn


let me count (poem)

how do I cry, let me count the ways
from the depth of my heart
with the breath of my lung
burning and ragged
broken and done
I open my eyes
to take in the light
let it burn, let it burn
and fill all my sight

like honey (poem)

sweet like honey
dark like tea
burning deep
inside of me
warm like sunlight
hope like rain
I'll endure
through deepest pain

shattered edges (poem)

I have burned my bridges
and I have called on God
I've shattered all my edges
forgotten every word
they used to shine within me
they burst upon my tongue
now it's not so easy
and now I'm not so young
I have cried in pieces
and gathered in my hands
I hold them up to Father
He'll give me strength to stand
I will cling forever
to my hope in Him
until He brings me safely
back to home again

crush (poem)

For D. and C.

truth is mirrored in your eyes
what cunning schemes will you devise
I will crush you, slice and break
every bond with me you make


leap year (poem)

the year is leaping, bright and fresh
count me in, the seasons mesh
between my breaths, beneath my ribs
for every promise I call dibs
time like sand may drip away
help me use it all, I pray

give it wings (poem)

offer You praise like songbirds sing
lift up my heart and give it wings
open my soul to everything
You have allowed with thanksgiving

March 2018


gold lines (poem)

gold lines
cover my heart
you crack to pieces
I restart


hope in bloom (poem)

golden blossoms
hope in bloom
an inner room
deep within
my heart you shine
I look forward
to the light


the sunlit vision (poem)

the dreamer wakes
the night grows dim
the sunlit vision
beats within
the canvas painted
in its rays
blooms and stays

where broken dreams (poem)

I'm holding court in the fields
where broken dreams are scattered
queen of forgotten promises
I remember the wishes mattered
falling stars in the heavens
before they were broken and shattered
glittering bright in my heart
gather up every tatter
stare out into infinity
it's studded with dreams to eternity

Butterfly (poem)

Christ, the light within my eyes
Reaching it, most joyful prize
Pour my soul into the light
Transform all and grant me flight


near misses (poem)

blood and kisses
bright near misses
hope and grace
not out of place
bruises, burns
the memory scorns
to reach the end
to bind nor mend


placed in You (poem)

trust is what I place in You
You teach to me, the Word is true
You rescue me most faithfully
I never fear when You're with me

to the marrow (poem)

tired down to my bones
where my flesh is flesh
I don't know
the ages are past
in the dirt of the earth
my fingers dig in
and the fires give birth
broken down to my marrow
yet I still hope for tomorrow

ocean of dreams (poem)

waters, the waters
are deep
and the ocean depths
are steep
in the ocean of dreams
I will sleep
'til all of our
promises keep


entirely (poem)

I miss you in my soul
your hands that made me whole
the joy I found in you
the struggles we went through
you were a part of me
I long entirely
with all my heart for you
in everything I do

with patience wait (poem)

with patience
with trust
where the darkness
is burning
the light shines
much brighter
my heart
grows lighter


Kitchen (poem)

There's a room in the corner of the kitchen
It's close, it's quiet, it's warm
Where the silence is blissfully silent
And the light glows bright on the wood
There's footsteps, rhythmic and certain
I walk figure eights on the floor
There's tea in my cup, hot and perfect
It fills me where I need it more
Don't break the silence with laughter
Don't fill the room with your jokes
Don't bring your tales of disaster
I need just a moment alone
There's a room in the corner of the kitchen
Hidden beyond a closed door
Open my heart now and listen
To the rhythm and the silence on the floor

by and by (poem)

I am a whisper
by light, by night
words move and shimmer
in depths of my mind
cry me a river
open up by and by
my heart will not shiver
nor be lost for all time

bend in the road (poem)

high hopes, high plans
it seems to span
the days, no end
I need a bend


ever-ready canvas (poem)

I can feel the bones atremble
I can feel the heart within
Beating with vibrant purpose
Opening my walls again
Open up, the words are flowing
Imagination is my pen
Life the ever-ready canvas
Patience still my faithful friend

You Are (poem)

joy in the morning
hope in the night
love in my heart
my soul filled with light
You are my joy
and You are my hope
Christ, God of love
all the light that I know

bright like kindling (poem)

light on the tip of the candle
my fingers cradle the flames
burning so bright like they kindle
my heart deep inside of my bones
hope is as warm as these flickers
hope is as bright as this fire
I look to the edge of the possible
then I must look even higher

blur (poem)

wander home to the stars
where our wishes were lost like a sun
there you will see me, you won
they run like tail lights on cars


yet the songbirds (poem)

I am broken
yet you love me
yet the songbirds sing

Prayer 044 (poem)

wisdom knows her children
make me one of hers
Christ become my Master
I'll trust in You, my Friend

My Joy (poem)

my love, my joy
my God, my King
my song in the night
my everything
You touch my heart
You make me sing
You are my light
You are my strength

nesting (poem)

For S. and M.

ruffled feathers
drape them around
the love we've found

lost souls (poem)

For PM

gathering of lost souls
wounded humans drift away
humanity no longer sways
forgotten hearts, no more they pray
at rising hours, in falling dark
leave footprints on their shattered hearts
they'll cross your soul and make you bleed
in violent passion, loyal creed

I'll Walk (poem)

alone in a crowd
don't want to talk
don't make me stay
don't go; I'll walk

my home (poem)

For S. and M.

I'm on a mission
you are my vision
I'll make you my own
for you are my home

heart chimes (poem)

heart chimes
hear the sound
love on the breeze
light in my soul

comes (poem)

I am quiet
in the light
the new day comes
and I will wait

harvest (poem)

just rewards
wholesome waters
pouring down
from seeds newborn
the earth takes in
the earth springs forth
a new sun dawns
the harvest comes

grace washes over (poem)

miracles bloom
promises wake
more full of blessing
than I can take
that's how You love me
cup overfull
grace washes over
and flowing with You


Prayer 045. (poem)

Good morning, God; hello, new day
It's time for me to stop and pray
Forgive me for my every sin
Please plant more love of God within
And fill this lonely hole in me
With perfect peace to set me free
I want to find my joy in You
In every pain the whole day through
I pray Your love grows deep in me
That I may live most faithfully

warm to me (poem)

hot tea
warm to me
empty cold
pour it out
and fill with heat
morning light
a cup of tea

too wide (poem)

no deserts too wide
where my heart can hide
that You cannot find
and Your love abide

sunlit edges (poem)

sunlit edges of the world
glow of hope, of joy so bright
see horizons open dreams
fill my soul with songs of light

the wilderness way (poem)

we used to be beautiful
sands stretch away
the hourglass turning
the wilderness way
we used to be beautiful
the hills were once green
you loved me, so wonderful
more than I'd been


Christ Alone (poem)

Today, the wings I wear will be
Bright with purpose, hopefully
The day so warm with heavenly love
The presence of my God above
All I want and all I need
Is Christ alone eternally

transmute (poem)

I am broken pieces
and you are broken light
fill the endless brim
with hope becoming sight
with every treasured mem'ry
and every tear of pain
pass your sunlight through them
and watch the rainbow stain


invitation (poem)

make me a promise
shed me a light
break open fences
come in tonight

Prayer 046 (poem)

mornings bright with promise
new days dawn with praise
trust upon my lips and
prayers to You I raise
hope is in my heart now
joy is in my soul
Christ, Your love my vision
and Your peace my goal

overflow (poem)

let it go, let it go
let the waters overflow
fill my heart, long and slow
'til the pain is gone below

mean so much (poem)

warm and kind
loving, sweet
you mean very much to me
hold your hand
count heartbeats
thank you, friend, for everything


my own heartbeat (poem)

cry your name
I need you now
the burning flame
a light somehow
you beat in me
my own heartbeat
so come to me
again, my heat


move me (poem)

move me to tears
tear me to pieces
water the shards
my heart on the ground
seeds in the sunlight
spring from the earth
offer my soul
new fire, rebirth


love me proper (poem)

kiss me warm and love me proper
open eyes to wake beside me
miss me when the sun goes down
'til I'm home with you right now

within your shadow (poem)

I am broken pieces
put me back together
let me cry upon your shoulder
let me rest within your shadow
quiet and unsullen
I will not presume your patience
please hold me at your pleasure
I will breathe until I'm whole


still waiting (poem)

tell me there's love still waiting
at home and at peace in your heart
tell me there's hope still waking
threading between us now
I felt the flicker of darkness
falling upon us and night
but tell me you'll still be beside me
when we step back into the light

Prayer 047 (poem)

You kept Your promises
deep in my heart
I know this, rely on it
open up the dark
Your light's shining through
I can hold in my hands
by Your grace, in Your power
that's how I stand

your pleasure (poem)

I await most anxiously
on your pleasure, can't you see
all I wrote, I wrote for you?
tell me that I'm getting through
somewhere in your quiet heart
may you find joy in my art

the Spirit (poem)

buried in my soul, the Spirit speaks
open up my pen, the Spirit leaks
open up my eyes that I may see
'til the Spirit fills entirely


Prayer 048 (poem)

God, I give You my today
Please grant to me Your strength
Wrap me in Your love, I pray
Like a sword in sheath
Hold me in Your arms and peace
Help me cling to You
In every tiny little thing
I take in mind to do

to give us wings (poem)

words are not the only things
to give us wings
hopes are not the only seams
to stitch our dreams
promises you made and more
the ones you keep
bring the light to me
so true and deep

a reason for hope (poem)

give me a reason for hope
for the joy that bubbles within
welling up out of my heart
when seemingly night closes in
show me the way to the dawn
and help me to feel in my soul
I am Your child, in Your hand
hope is the glory I know

breathe (again) (poem)

when I cannot feel
and breathe
when my heart can't kneel
and breathe
when the hope is slim
and breathe
when the light seems dim
and sigh
when I can't but cry
breathe out
when the lights go out
breathe in
when You come again
I feel You within


wishing (poem)

wishing warmth and praying blessings
on your head and all your friendships
all I want is happiness
for all that you experience


armor (poem)

There are broken places in my soul
Somehow you still come to make them whole
Through the end of time, it's all I know
You became the armor to my soul

Prayer 049 (poem)

teach me how to praise You when the skies are dark and grey
and teach me how to love you each and every single day
let the skies pour down and torrent falls of healing rain
wash away the mourning and the lingering marks of pain


sweetness (poem)

sweetness is your smile and your touch
did you know I love you very much
every day I dream of us forever
sweetness is the times we are together

reborn (poem)

worlds without end
hope with no bend
straight on before
'til the end of the hour
hear the bells chime
the ringing of time
breathe in the bright storm
as the world's reborn


Prayer 049 (poem)

Lord, I trust in You
It's Your strength that takes me through
Though the world spins around
It is in Your strength I've found
That no matter what may pass
You will bring me through at last

freely running (poem)

missing kisses
like the airy breezes
blowing through my childhood hair
shadows cool and
gentle sunlight
warms the grass beneath my feet
freely dancing
under the bright sun
freely running like I could fly
I miss the days
I believed in horizons
as open as freedom, open as dreams


and joys renew (poem)

mornings bright,
so full with light
from hopes and dreams,
the tattered seams
of promises
where new growth gleams

the brightest snow
will not impede
the spread of green,
let cold recede
let springtime come
and joys renew
new promises
in morning dew

come to Me
nest warm in light
then spread your wings
in joyful flight

meant to leave (poem)

meant to be
the wings upon my skin
they smell of you again
and the touch
remembered overnight
wakes me with the light
and my brain
cannot compute
your absent warmth
beside me in the bed
nor catch the way
you whispered your goodbyes
there was nothing
wrapped in all of you
waiting in the dark
for me, nor arms to hold
and meant to be
only ever meant
that you were meant to leave

some times (poem)

some days, the words come
some days, the well is dry
some hours, the days not done
some minutes, we naught but cry

stained (poem)

letters from my heart
= letters from war
do the math and weight the scales
with all that's on my sleeve
stained with blood and tears
multiplied by dreams
open up my words
and read between my hands


Prayer 050 (poem)

Mornings wake within Your hope
Grant me, Lord, that I should know
The fullness of Your wondrous love
Flowing through me, Spirit's dove
Resting overhead today
Cover me with grace, I pray
Let me walk in perfect peace
Eyes on You and never cease

we are golden (poem)

we are golden
like the skies
when the morning
dawn will rise
we are brilliant
like the air
when skies are full
with sunset flair
we are glowing
like the moon
gleaming with
each other's warmth
watch the sky
the light that blooms
in our hearts
and in my face

like a peace (poem)

winter days
are quiet
like a peace
the ground imposes
with its untrod snow

for a thousand days (poem)

some days I'm too tired for this
but words are not the answer
I could cry for a thousand days
but I'll endure forever


the lovely blossoms (poem)

Joy, the lovely blossoms
so beautiful and strong
their faces like affection
from those I truly love

wake me when (poem)

For M. and T.

wake me in the morning
when last night's pain is gone
when I can breathe, relieving
the emptiness of dawn
wake me when the silence
is filled once more with love

April 2018


after the fire (poem)

new dreams come
when least expected
new hopes dawn
right after the fire
I will breathe
in love perfected
gift of grace
from blood of God

the doves (poem)

the moaning doves
can frighten me
please calm down
remember, breathe
they sound like every
night I fretted
as my sister
cried unfettered
please don't cry
you mournful doves
I can't sleep
until you're calm


is it (poem)

did you miss me?
I missed you
days aren't quite the same
empty, pained
you hear my breath
broken and ragged
like endless prayers
did you miss me?
is it too
much to wish you did?


birds are crying (poem)

the birds are crying
by my window
sounds of pain
mirror my heart
I'm not crying
I don't want to
yet I hear
the sounds of birds

I don't ask much (poem)

I don't ask much
of service providers
when I click send
please send
when I click save
don't give me that
you'll see me later
you're mighty brave

blown on breezes (poem)

hey you
kisses blown on breezes
in the face of sunsets
that is you to me
so fleeting but so precious
never think you're lesser
because you've gone from me


joy is (poem)

joy is not just feeling
beating in my chest
joy is hope within me
finding there its rest
joy found in the morning
keeps eyes open wide
joy found in the evening
is where I'll abide

take it (poem)

speak my name
dare it
open my heart
bare it
breathe my air
take it
let this last
make it


forget me not (poem)

try not to forget me
I know the reasons why
but once my heart meant something
so don't forget to cry


blood and bruises (poem)

blood and bruises
open muses
read my mind
my heart, my life
spilling veins
upon the pages
touch my soul
with brilliant light

seedtime (poem)

bury me deep in the wild hills
dance on my grave where the sunlight spills
I'll be reborn in harvest anew
in flowers to cover the earth with bright blue

from dust (poem)

dust to dust
from pain to trust
open wings
the phoenix sings


Sonnet for Mercy (poem)

look at what my Lord has wrought
bringing peace from every storm
showing me the things You taught
light my heart and keep me warm
bringing me the listening souls
to ease my pain and grief inside
being to me the sheltering whole
where all my shattered pieces hide
God, You are my hope of love
the castle in the air I dream
and if I am a homing dove
You're the destination gleam
and should I fall upon my face
somehow it's in Your embrace

where God can find me (poem)

where did I leave my heart?
where God can find me
I reach out to my friends
and say don't mind me
every word that rises on my tongue
feels so awkward, like when I was young
somehow love embraces all my failings
somehow strength renews me when I'm weak
God, the hope I cling to, keeps me moving
His the surer anchor that I seek
and should my bones be cut upon this life
He will raise me up to reach the light

(haiku for days)

mornings daily born
anew—like lightning flashes
while I hold the key

(haiku for love)

things we do for love
a thorn to pierce my skin—that
is worth the roses

eagle's wings (poem)

I burned the ocean and it burned
I made the seas roll in my turn
I screamed my prayers into the sky
until You taught my wings to fly

bloom (poem)

soft is not the thing I know to be
life has given claws and thorns to me
but I shall raise my head and look above
until you see the blossom of my love

from the tide (poem)

there are fragile things
I am not one
nor should you pretend
to know enough
to open up my skin
and look inside
be careful what you bring
in from the tide

lost in praise (poem)

winter mornings
golden fields
the thanksgiving
that it yields
to look upon them
lost in praise
for Creator's
wondrous ways

the candles (poem)

missing pieces
of my heart
shine the candles
in the dark
where memory
did float away
that is where
my heart will stay

The Brain (poem)

turn off the brain
you're overthinking
wait, turn it on
need logic to run
wait for the night
when finally sleeping
relieves all the stress
with deep, heartfelt sigh

Prayer 051 (poem)

Lord, I give my night to You
You can feel my need, I know
For the strength to make it through
For Your help to not go slow
For the peace beyond my brain
And all the panicked thoughts it holds
Hold me in Your love again
Lord, I pray, and don't let go

sufficient to the day (poem)

For C. and Z.

most of the time, my brother, I do not miss you
you were never helpless, not to me
now you are more powerful, still perfect
the only member of my family
and truth be told, I could have taken chances
granting me another's heart to love
but none of them were what my own heart wanted
I know you understand and that's enough


bones don't break (poem)

bones don't break,

they shatter

open hearts,

they matter

burn my soul,

it lingers

held between

your fingers

Prayer 052 (poem)

cast my cares upon my God
grant me hope, my sovereign King
You're my love, my everything
Lord, I pray, please grant me peace

to the ground (poem)

burn me down to the very ground
let the ashes lie in the place you found
let the sun on high fall all the way down
until the air has not a sound

found between (poem)

lost things, lost dreams
always never found between
where the winds of hope blow through
that's the place where I found you

(haiku for prudence)

wisdom dictates: when
in doubt, on fawn-new legs, leave
well enough alone

(haiku for indulgence)

tea! o lovely tea!
why can I not indulge my
heart to overfull?


I'll be fine (poem)

broken pieces
and I cry
do not ask
the reasons why
I'll be fine
by morning come
and even when
the day is done


(haiku for remembrance)

make me a promise
when fields glow golden, promise
you'll remember me

unchained (poem)

Uncage the pain inside me
And unchain my shackled soul
I give all of me to You, o God
It's Your love will make me whole

hope's wings (poem)

hope is a funny thing
it beats its tiny wings
like an underdeveloped flame
having staked its burning claim
in my heart, its butterfly beat
full of unbearable heat
undying through the days
under my skin it stays

odd world (poem)

what an odd world it is
the way that it turns in the end
a twist near the end of the play
a hope for forgiveness to stay
forgetting the trials behind
forgetting the pain that we bore
let heaven arise in my mind
and Christ light remain at the fore
what an odd world it is
that I could be held in the end
by the God who created all things
and that He would be my friend

Prayer 053 (poem)

teach me to find my strength in your presence
teach me to find my portion of peace
open my heart and my eyes and my spirit
that all my anxious distraction may cease


the hope I have (poem)

joy in the morning and joy in my heart
this is the hope that I have in the dark
the flame of the light of my Christ and my love
lifting my soul up in flight like a dove


Prayer 054 (poem)

Morning moments
My God loves me
His joy finds
Me safe and sound
Hope is shining
In that morning
May God's grace
In me abound

Prayer 055 (poem)

Christ, I need my strength
I know it's found in You
Bring me through this valley
Show me what to do
Open up my eyes
And shine the light inside
Guide me through my day
And in my heart abide

over the sweetest (poem)

You have no idea what sorts of things
have crossed my mind in the night;
how the beating wings beneath my window
bring to life the cooing doves,
and the sweet caress of moonlight beaming
brings to life my cooling love.
I have run my longing fingers
over the sweetest memories
spilled from your lips and a heart that lingers
where we once entirely
poured our souls out to each other—
please my love, come back to me.


(haiku for mornings)

morning darkness, just
before the reborn sun peeks
brightly at my heart

(haiku for pigeons)

pigeon cries, so soft
flutter like heartbeats, their wings
breathe air in punches

eyes of heaven (poem)

eyes of heaven on me
sun and moon and stars
I feel You bright within me
Creator of them all

(haiku for spring)

thorns and needles, take
my medicine, bittersweet—
spring life to my bones

Prayer 056 (poem)

Christ, the morning comes each day
I wait for You, my heart will stay
Cocooned in peace when wrapped in You
Please help me keep my eyesight true
In every trial and pain that comes
I want to see the feast; the crumbs
Of joy are not enough for me
I hold Your grace entirely
Upon my knees within my soul
I wait that You may cleanse me all
Upon my lips and tongue Your praise
Prayers like groaning seem always
Open heart and mind to love
Fix my gaze: it is enough
If after all this pain is through
I might find reward in You

creature comfort (poem)

tea, my creature comfort, for its warmth
like human touch I gave up long ago
fills me like a dose of morning sun
heating barren places once too slow
to look upon the day with open eyes
finding joy in even a surprise

Prayer 057 (poem)

pure love, pure light
I find in Christ
have mercy, O God
by this great love

my heart is not proud (poem)

my heart is not proud of its longing
my soul can be pained by its need
I take all my brokenness, weakness
as part of my spiritual creed
laid in the dust, Lord, before You
my strength that depends on my trust
and whether I cast my cares on You
allow hope within me to rust
there is one path to my vict'ry
and there is one answer for me
rely on my Christ and His favor
trust all to Him faithfully
find in my heart all I hold
grant me a faith ever bold

(haiku for petals)

soft pink petals bloom
sweet like mother's love outlast
certain fated ends

dreaming (poem)

For DB and F. and Y.

dreaming of you
not quite a nightmare
I can't break through
your dark apathy
remember the love
once blazing between us
whenever you are
dreaming of me

every bright hope (poem)

this is the light I see
every bright hope in me
the love of Christ and mercy
what times it might shine through me

Prayer 058 (poem)

Good morning, God, a busy day
Seems to stand within my way
Take it in Your mighty hand
I only want what You have planned
Work Your will in me, I pray
And choose what I shall do today

(haiku for dancing)

dance on tiptoes like
prancing birds on a green branch,
the wind their partner

boots and iron (poem)

boots and iron
it sounds like I am strong
I will not tell you
what lies beneath this armor
nor in my heart

remember the days (poem)

For F. and Y.

butterfly kisses
heart near misses
remember the days
you were tender with me
barely there touches
aching near brushes
this is the warmth
of our memory

the greening leaves (poem)

the swallows dart, a flash of blue
the greening leaves and purple hue
of blossoms rich upon the trees
fill my heart—a springtime breeze

Prayer 059 (poem)

keep my heart in perfect peace
as You promised, Lord, to me
if I keep my mind stayed on thee
praying always without cease

from stone (poem)

I'm sitting in my castles
I carved them out of stone
For hearth I burned my heart
For walls I cut my bone
Look upon the mantle
I'll seat You on the throne
Wash the blood from marble
Bring hope into this home

draw me back (poem)

miss me for a while
catch me in your smile
draw me back to you
and let your love break through

sun set down (poem)

I am quiet tonight
the sun went down
like the birds have flown
and set itself inside
my silent heart aglow

May 2018


milk and tea (poem)

soft like milk and warm like tea
that is what you are to me
comfort held within my grip
filling me with every sip

unmoved (poem)

damage done
it's a battle won
the rock unmoved
and nothing proved

(haiku for blushing)

For Y.

flush staining cheeks like
blushing petals of summer's
pink blossoms—lovely

Prayer 060 (poem)

keep me in Your will today
guide my heart and help me stay
close to You and in Your arms
safe from any kind of harm


anew (poem)

new day, new thoughts
flooding me with dreams anew
new sun, new loves
hopes aloft to carry through
to the light before my face
riding on the wings of grace

morning love (poem)

For I. and V.

kiss me in the morning
when resolve is weak
maybe I'll just stay here
in your arms and sleep
hold me in your love now
never let me go
I promise I will love you
forever let it show

for mild gain (poem)

blood and pain
for mild gain
but I praise
my God always

what I think of you (poem)

love is what I think of you
you feel for me, our hearts are two
dancing in the sea like one
waves that rise from depths to sun


Prayer 061 (poem)

Good morning, God! I love You, Lord
Please help me walk within Your Word
You know the Name that I would wear
You've seen my pain and help me bear
For it is wonder that You care
I feel Your love: You're always there
And so Your peace has stayed with me
And I'll give thanks with constancy
If You help keep my mind on You
In everything the whole day through

answer to a sleepy day (poem)

This tea is my answer to a sleepy day
That greets my eyes and rests on my brain
I pray for strength and energy
To find its way inside of me

cool and still (poem)

quiet mornings, cool and still
soft green silence o'er the hills
nothing breaks my inward peace
anxieties within me cease


(haiku for cold)

winter met me: cold
breath and icy fingers, frost—
relatives swarming

(haiku for sunlight)

sunlight soft, stretchy
enough to catch the kitten
in its purring nap

(haiku for wishes)

wishes: stars falling
bright pinpricks in the dark night
landing in our hearts

happiness (poem)

light in snatches
vibrant, sweet
across the length
of windowseat
cat is purring
and I sip tea
books that open
worlds to me

in wings (poem)

For C. and M.

snuggled in parental wings
I am loved, the child's heart sings
warm and safe through everything
tucked within such sheltering


Prayer 062 (poem)

Dear God above, my family
Please wrap in tender love
Hold them safe through all the night
And grant them peace and rest
The sweetest dreams until the light
Whatever You think best

Prayer 063 (poem)

I know You know my heart
Its every wayward way
And every inward part
The thoughts that fill my day
Renew in me my love
For purposes made true
Everything that I
Should be and do for You

with family (poem)

tea in the morning, kisses at night
love of a mother, hugs that hold tight
pats on the head and warmth in my chest
home with my family beloved is best

morning star (poem)

a gleam upon horizon
that liquid golden beam
spreads to fill the heaven
with a dawn bright sheen
the vibrant blue and oranges
the shining planet white
cascades into my heart
it is the end of night

Prayer 064 (poem)

a mundane prayer for mundane things
I give You, God, my everything
the hustle, bustle of my day
to-do lists stretch so far away
work them all to match Your will
keep my heart at peace and still
help me fix my eyes above
set to the light and filled with love

a case of the mondays (poem)

a case of the mondays
the printer won't print
it says it is empty
but there's paper in it
perhaps a day off
is what it requires
and so with the network
the printer conspires

gotta love technology (poem)

gotta love technology

it knows before you do
everything you ought to see
and what should be your cue
settings that you shouldn't touch
the buttons hid from view

gotta love technology

too smart to be held back
by human wants or human needs
nor does it cut you slack
behold the bright blue screen of eath
just tech that gives you flack


Prayer 065 (poem)

thank You, Lord, for sleepy days
for peace You give, for peace that stays
through traffic jams and tech support
and every ball that's in my court
I cling to You and to that peace
Your very precious gift to me
I pray to You and shall not cease
But lean upon You constantly


in fire (poem)

Days run by
They melt in fire
I cry out
You take me higher
Nights that quake
And bones that shake
I'll be here
'Til morning wake


the morning rush (poem)

For K. and M. and T.

the morning rush you give to me
when I walk in and feel your heat
in every touch, the way you smile
you make the day to come worthwhile
I hold you close, a morning hug
and do not say, it's not enough
you wave goodbye and off I go
already longing to come home

but I'm okay (poem)

everything hurts but I'm okay
the day is over, it's when we say
hold on until the light is through
because that is what we must do


cut into me (poem)

For F. and Y.

missing you cuts into me
deep beneath my skin and flesh
it aches, the wounds carved in my soul
though ages old, they still feel fresh
breaking me was the bright day
my heart turned 'round and walked away
you left me in the forlorn dust
and open air turned love to rust


(haiku for chimes)

bells chiming, calling
come to life like spring blossoms!
come, my friends, to prayer

(haiku for love)

in hidden places
love blooms in silent actions
like desert flowers

Ephemera (poem)

The detritus of every hour
is an empty sort of power
streaming through the days gone by
I had to know, I had to try
aloud, to ask the question why

(haiku for grace)

beautiful summer
skirts on lovely girls in spring
rustling with grace


Today, I Will (poem)

Today, I will be thankful
Today, I will give praise
I reach to You to guide me
Lord, help me not to stray
I'm thankful for Your blessings
For all You've done for me
Please open up my heart, Lord
And rule entirely


glass crown (poem)

I wear a glass crown
it's fragile, it shatters
if ever I fall down
the pieces, they matter
my King picks me up
I drink from the cup
I wear a glass crown
gold lines and gown

the little strifes (poem)

Christ, the King of all my life
every day, the little strifes
help me find my peace in You
help me, Lord, to make it through
the difficulties of my day
the way its burdens on me weigh
I will find my hope in You
trust that You will bring me through

(haiku for sister)

sister sweet, precious
as the passing hours, which
only once are mine

echo (poem)

my name will echo
emptiness resounds
with a voice, an interruption
of the silence
in my heart

to be grateful (poem)

it's my mission to be grateful
for the things that come my way
in Your plan, my loving Father
and the way You've planned my day
help me focus, help me hold to
You in everything I say
keep me walking close beside You
in Your presence, let me stay

pot of gold (poem)

at the foot of the rainbow
standing in gold
I dare to make wishes
with confidence bold
the light of bright promises
shines in my face
I'm covered in blessings
and showered in grace


like the little birds (poem)

change is like the little birds
breezing in and breezing out
bringing songs and sweetest sounds
but also defiling the patio


(haiku for desire)

For D. and C.

desire ripe, heavy
with unnatural gravity
the inhuman mourns


(haiku for rain)

rain beats like hammers
on the glass—spring's boots make noise
against serenity

shallow (poem)

I am broken bones
my breath comes shallow
hold me in your arms until tomorrow
morning’s sun will wake me from this night
I will open up my soul to light


don't talk (poem)

I have nothing left to say
don't look at me, don't come my way
I don't want to talk to you
so keep on walking right on through

balm (poem)

wander through my heart
I broke it in
a thousand miles to climb
before the end
hold the light against
your gentle palm
the way you look at me
is healing balm

phantom (poem)

For F. and Y.

missing you comes naturally
it seems you were a part of me
I turn my head and you're not there
it catches me still unaware
expectant when I crawl in bed
to find emptiness instead
weary from this phantom limb
please come back to me again


missing pieces (poem)

For F. and Y.

missing pieces
of my heart
I think you took them
from the start
give them back now
I won't wait
mail them to me
charge bulk rate

Prayer 066 (poem)

Christ, I pray for evening peace
May my trust in You increase
Hold my hand and calm my heart
Right before the evening starts
So much hectic busy things
Anticipation starts to sting
And so I throw myself on You
God, please help me make it through


unrequited (poem)

For D. and C.

small white flowers
my broken heart
spills from lungs
blooms in the dark


skies (poem)

solace in your warmth, your arms
close around me, I see stars
shining just beyond your eyes
fill me, hold me, be my skies


Prayer 067 (poem)

Christ, I ask You: take my heart
root out every ounce of dark
fill my soul with burning light
put every false desire to flight

June 2018


morning cup (poem)

the work that I will do for tea!
a morning cup for you and me
some would call it luxury
to me, it is necessity

Teach My Heart (poem)

Teach my heart to praise Your name
No matter what may come my way
Be they trials, new or same
And in Your joy, I ask to stay


(haiku for dishes)

dishes like jigsaw
pieces fit together, yes
like red and orange leaves


(haiku for moments)

morning breaks into
little pieces of sunlight
each moment shining

(haiku for light)

wake me early, sun
knocks on windows—light fingers
gently stroke my face

(haiku for groaning)

prayer on lips, unvoiced
spirits groaning without words
let newness—spring—come

(haiku for miracles)

saved from death—again
strong hands take many forms to
save, to hold me

(haiku for touch)

For D. and C.

blackened skin, red glow
taint like blood when it's let go
human touch unknown

for light (poem)

I am known
my broken pieces have an answer
glowing in the dark
night cannot
stand 'fore the light
so shine, God, in my heart

soft (poem)

For D. and C.

soft touch
ungentle fingers
move in foreign ways
red hair
a smile that lingers
in all they do not say

double black (poem)

For D. and C.

black once over
blackened soul
don't make this enemy
black twice over
tainted flesh
will drive you to your knees

plumb the depths (poem)

plumb the depths of obvious
and blinding transparency
just look away from all I hide
within the depths of me


Prayer 068 (poem)

wake me in the morning
before the day so bright
put lightness in my footsteps
and heaven in my sight
let praise become my heartbeat
and love become my might
wake me in the morning
and grant me peace tonight

like sure comfort (poem)

warm my belly
cup of tea
like sure comfort
inside me
like Your hand
so faithfully
reaching out
and holding me

poems begin (poem)

poems begin anew each morning
welling up in my heart
from breath, from blood, from waking dreams
the prayers that burn
in my flesh, my soul

human (poem)

For D. and C.

who would I want but you?
annoying as needles beneath my skin
that cunning smile, the saving hand
the one who makes me human again

feelings (poem)

messy things
worthless seams
under stitches neat
arrythmic beat


tea (poem)

tea for heat, tea for cold
tea for comfort, tea for bold
tea for treat or every day
tea in every kind of way

disgrace uncovered (poem)

For D. and C.

black and blue and red all over
is that blood or is it blush
kiss the skin, disgrace uncovered
do we linger, do we rush

postage stamp (poem)

postage stamp: connection small
could be it's the best of all
find me now where'er I roam
then with your stamp, send me back home


razor wire (poem)

All the world is razor wire
And I am on the edge
You cut my bleeding heart again
Then talk me off the ledge


live wire (poem)

massive understatement of my life
a day unlived, a wire live
a kiss to keep me quite content
isn't what I really meant

whims & whimsy (poem)

whimsy, whims
I'm taken by
the pretty colors
and bright lights
sometimes words tripping
on my tongue
make sense only
to the young

too bad (poem)

you want me to make sense
too bad
you want me just so or
get mad
I love you, I like you
my friend
I hope you're okay with
this trend

headdesk (poem)

once upon a time, I found a bug
so easily and quickly; how I loved
to troubleshoot the reasons it occurred!
and then came time to make the thing recur

Respite (poem)

Christ, the light of hope and perfect peace
Settled in my chest through days that cease
On less than happy notes, but in His arms
I will find my respite from these storms


my dawn (poem)

bright and shining is the day
new upon horizon—stay,
feel it burning, bright inside
within me rising like the tide.
night is past and pain is gone;
Christ, You are my brand new dawn.

Grace Overflowing (poem)

If I am made to laugh, to sing
If I am made to joy receive
Then fill me to the brim with grace
Let me stay within this place
Where You have made a home in me
And poured out love as deep as seas

glory breaks (poem)

light burns
the inside of my eyelids
hope spurns
the darkness of the night
glory breaks
like a newborn morning
reach up
and spread my wings in flight


cry when (poem)

children cry when hungry
souls cry when they thirst
tears pour down like heartache
like this is a first

Prayer 069 (poem)

Christ, please bring me through this day
Live through me and help me pray
Unceasing and to offer praise
Heal my heart and mend my ways

knives and guns (poem)

For D. and C.

knives and guns
he crushes, he stuns
eyes open wide
they cannot abide
the pain that they bring
but adrenaline sings
inside of veins
and brilliant brains
the shadows within
show on their skin
for darkness corrupts
the empty erupts
two sides of one coin
life and death
they both give a smile
so cunning, so deft


(haiku for hearts)

Open hearts don't need hands
To bloom, unfurl, to reach out
But welcome within


Prayer 070 (poem)

purge me from the darkness
fill me with Your light
I pray You guide me always
save me from my plight

falling to pieces (poem)

broken in pieces
that's how I want you
falling to pieces
so I can remake you
into my arms and
into my love now
please don't forget me
I won't forget you


(haiku for crossing)

on the yellow line
squirrel waits its turn: the stop!
flies off like a shot


For Tomorrow (poem)

Twenty-two days and twenty-two promises
Hope for tomorrow wrapped in our histories
Every whisper breathed on my lips
I listen, I taste them for truth and for hints


Increase (poem)

gone in a moment, a flash, a blink
doesn't it ever make you think
we've been here for years before
doesn't it ever make you want more
a moment of respite, a moment of peace
all I want is may it increase

Prayer 071 (poem)

bathe my body and my soul
purify me, make me whole
cleanse me of my grief and pain
put in me Your perfect name

from every wound (poem)

Good morning to this spinning world
'Round and 'round, revolving door
Same old hungers, same old wounds
Crying out again for more
Good morning to the ones who need
To find some hope, a better creed
May the light arise on you
And may you meet God's mercy true
I hope for love, I pray you're saved
From every hurt that's come your way

hungry now (poem)

stories in my blood and bleeding out
this is what the pain is all about
a childlike god came trapped in human flesh
she's hungry now to find her promised rest

drenched (poem)

days I speak of heavens
of joy, of birds, of light
days my words are drenched in
blood and bones and sight
find me on the canvas
of something in my mind
reach for burning visions
and put the past behind

never posted (poem)

For F. and Y.

I wrote a letter in my soul
never posted, kept me whole
to know my secret love for you
kept me warm and got me through

knowledge (poem)

For F. and Y.

batter my heart with truth
one day, I will know
how to belong to you
return the love you show

unmarked (poem)

maybe I'm just broken
my pattering heart
needs no mercy from you
I am unmarked
if you need me later
call me near
I promise you that you
I still hold dear

light the ramparts (poem)

castles break and castles rise
hopes and dreams before my eyes
light the candles of my heart
on the ramparts, banish dark


sharp teeth (poem)

For K and C and K

she raises her children
born from her darkness not blood
to sharpen their teeth and their claws
on the bones of their enemies
they will not need shelter
when they have grown tall
and no longer follow behind


Prayer 072 (poem)

evening comes, the day is done
and I'll give thanks for vict'ries won
but also for the struggles too
and Your love that got me through

Prayer 073 (poem)

morning bright, I wake to light
Christ, I need You in my sight
through everything that comes today
help my eyes on You to stay

another hunger (poem)

food for thought and food for life
both required for to thrive
I am hungry in my soul
only You can make me whole

(haiku for waking)

fields of winter thorns
now green, thick with grasses, trees
as my soul awakes

thank you (poem)

thank You, Lord, for tea
for every hour of sleep
for everything now done
for food enough to eat
for every friend I have
and just for everything

bones may break (poem)

bones may break and breath may die
when someone shatters all the sky
but touch my soul, you cannot break
my heart, my mind, nor make me quake
for where I stand, the oceans wide
are smaller than what lives inside
beneath the image of my skin
or all beyond the very end


hush, child (poem)

For S.

hush, child, wait and grow
I'm no child, what do you know?
of course you are, you've not been born
so hush and wait for the new morn

The Light (poem)

I am bright and shining
There's light inside of me
A tiny piece of heaven
From grace entirely
That little voice that's knocking
I open up to see
Invite the light to brighten
And open heart to sing

commanding sight (poem)

moments I'm unready for the blinding light of day
moments when I'm buried in my heart so I can pray
knocking at the windows of my soul, commanding sight
I try to reach out to you when you're holding out the light


touching (poem)

For D. and C.

softly, warmly, touching me
do you even know my name
promise me that you'll hold me
promise you, I'll do the same

finally (poem)

For D. and C.

fifteen years before I met you
only three and then you're gone
whispers tell me that I'll meet you
once again before too long
I will feast my eyes upon you
I will let my heart be strong
finally be allowed to hurt you
and walk away when I am done


morning breaks (poem)

morning breaks but can't break me
today is a new day, you see
full of hope consistently
full of possibility
morning comes and I won't run
or hide away from the new sun
I will rise and reach for One
who walks with me 'til I am done

from me to you (poem)

For St

hugs and love
from me to you
blessings from
God rain on you
may you feel
His warmth and grace
and His presence
on your face

pieces (poem)

For F. and Y.

missing pieces
you, your heart
close to mine
beating warm
beneath my palm
and in my hand
all our love
has gone, like sand

July 2018


like sand (poem)

half the year flies by like sand
pouring through an open hand
give my heart some peace today
things done right and the right way

mercy (poem)

God, please save me from hypocrites
and from hypocrisy
Please place forgiveness in my heart
and give more love to me
Help me see them through Your eyes
and love consistently
no matter what, no matter how
just as You loved me


lay me bare (poem)

crack me open
lay me bare
grip me tightly
by my hair
don't let go
the whole long night
until we see
again the light


(haiku for dawn)

dawn peeks over the
mountains—morning's newborn world
it laughs in breezes

cup (poem)

morning tea
to warm my bones
and to wake me
my evening cup
to fill me up
with evening peace
and worry cease

Prayer 074 (poem)

cleanse my heart
with holy love
and worldly things
please free me of
fill my heart
with only You
all through and through

light me (poem)

light me up, turn me on
this is now my favorite song
shout it loud, loud and clear
'til the end and light comes near

like fire (poem)

Dancing like fire, like flickering flames
You see me, you feel me, my heat's in your face
You reach out to touch and come away burned
I've promised nothing but twirls and turns


mosaic (poem)

mosaic: broken pieces
they can make a lovely whole
shatter me and break me
but know it's not the goal
I will be made perfect
even then be beautiful
I can be mosaic
every part fit in the whole

reconciliation (poem)

For F. and Y.

songs and promises

cry no more

a soul's bright echo

is at the door

your own memories

warm like home

I've been waiting

for you to come

ignite (poem)

For F. and Y.

you're the fire in my bones
the only love I've ever known
your smile, your laugh the flames ignite
and burn us both through the long night

(haiku for chill)

oxygen bites me
inside my lungs: winter chill
infused within it


bonds (poem)

For F. and Y.

glow—the light within your hands
burns my soul like iron brands
I cannot free myself from you
it's not a thing I want to do


S.O.P. (poem)

the world begins
with a bright boom
I open my eyes
in an open room
open my heart
to find gratitude
that's the way
to have attitude

(haiku for hills)

rolling hills smooth with
grass carpet—summer green or
winter gold and frost

for mates (poem)

For dragonverse

wings are for mates
and claws and teeth
kisses bereft
of the bites that we need
burning with want
and claiming with strength
two shall be one


Day Awakes (poem)

Morning comes; the day awakes
What a difference that it makes!
To open with joyful heart
Full of thanks right from the start
A cup of tea, a cup of hopes
To offer up and to hold close

(haiku for dawn)

starry pinpricks—
lights of morning darkness shine:
kisses of heaven

Prayer 075 (poem)

Speed to my limbs and life to my heart!
It's time to get this day to start
Open my eyes and fill me with light
Put hope in my vision and strength in my sight

take solace (poem)

tell me you're not frightened
the world's not over
your soul is not in pain
without an end
take solace in my love
the love of Father
for He who bled for you
would bleed again


There are Things (poem)

There are things you need to know:
How to love, to make love grow,
To feel a heartbeat in your hands
To hold to truth, to make strong stands
To smell the roses, drink the sun,
And remember when it's gone.
Bless, my child, everyone
Like to be blessed you would want.


Busy Mornings (poem)

Busy mornings: full and warm
A cup of tea to get me going
Fingers clacking: early, bright
That there may be earned sleep tonight


the breath, the fire (poem)

For F. and Y.

You burn inside my bones—the breath, the fire
All that keeps me warm or brings me higher
Out of the dark place they left me in
All I want is you until the end

And Shining (poem)

For F. and Y.

Bright and shining
Dark and burning
Radiant night
Blanks out my sight
I feel your hand
So warm in mine
I reach for more
Until I find

Doxology for Trials (poem)

Praise the God of painful things
Who turns coccoons to gorgeous wings
Who takes the salt within the wound
And cleanses me and heals me too
Who holds my hand through every pain
And brings from them my hope and gain


Another Year (poem)

Another year that I lived through
Another pile of things to do
I'm grateful for the warming sun
That seems to smile and say I've won
Another round of conquered fears
Another pass through joy and tears
And now another lies before
With grateful heart, I open door

a time to wake up (poem)

sleep is sweet and waking warm
rise to sun's each brand new dawn
open arms to greet the morn
don't cuddle in the bed, forlorn


Prayer 076 (poem)

Thank You, God, for brand new days
Free for now of new mistakes
Hold me close to Your own heart
Let me be a light in dark
Please, I pray, help me give thanks
In everything and walk Your way

slow to light (poem)

sleepy nights and mornings quite
content to take it slow to light
my waking eyes and heart so bright
filled with joy and hope in sight


too many pieces (poem)

For F and Y

I left too many pieces of myself
broken on your floor and on the shelf
over the top of the door and someone else
thought that they could hold me or could fix
everything that has you in the mix
I do not tell them plainly go away
only that's a thing you used to say

Bold Hearts (poem)

For F and Y

Bold hearts, bold hands
The woven strands
Between our souls
The great unknown
I breathe you deep
Deep into me
And give you love


O, for Tea! (poem)

o for a cup of tea, I would give much!
tell me that you believe in such and such:
a warm and soothing draught in my small cup
joy in the morning as it fills me up


That Stands Beneath (poem)

Joy is in the Lord; He is my strength
The King, the mighty Rock that stands beneath
My heart, my soul, my life—my everything
Christ the sure foundation of my being

Blessed (poem)

I thank You, God, for family
For all the warmth and love
That You have showered on me
You've given me enough
That should the heavens falter
And earth be done away
Still I would be blessed
In every single way

(haiku for soup)

red, red tomato
red as roses of love—warm
as the fullest heart

to fly (poem)

gold lines
gilt edge
steady high
up on the ledge
far sight
hope bright
this is where
we start to fly

cocoons (poem)

butterfly promises in cocoons
little quiet seeds that will wake soon
all my hopes are kept in You
I trust my soul, You'll see it through


unconditional (poem)

love is of the saints
pure and selfless love
forgiving sacrifice

joy is of the saints
joy through every trial
for God is in the heart

peace is of the saints
unmoved by pain or turmoil
the perfect gift of Christ


Prayer 077 (poem)

Good morning, God, I sing to You
I ask of You to help me through
This day in love, forgiveness too
And grant me strength and fortitude!

all I want (poem)

For F. and Y.

spin in circles: dizzy heart
you reeled me in right from the start
bright and burning— all I want
look at me with eyes of love

(haiku for cold mornings)

joy in bright droplets—
rain on windows, tea in cups—
cold outside, warm in

Villanelle for Edmund (poem)

It is my turn to wander in the dark
To feel the weight of being turned away
I never thought that life could be so stark

My cousin, he has but begun the arc
Through Narnia again, he'll pass that way
It is my turn to wander in the dark

Stark and bare, the years will leave a mark
I've seen it in my brother's eyes betrayed
I never thought that life could be so stark

May one of us at least sail in that bark
To waves that sing with mermaids in the bay
It is my turn to wander in the dark

May one of us at least still feel the spark
Of dancing dryads under trees that sway
I never thought that life could be so stark

Without the breath of Aslan, I embark
His promises alone my fears allay
It is my turn to wander in the dark
I never thought that life could be so stark


(haiku for water)

cool waters running
laughter unfettered like breath—
overflowing joy

even these (poem)

things that matter, things that don't
things mixed up or that we broke
even these, You heal, I know
in my heart, Your Word You spoke

bleeding fire (poem)

For F and Y

mark me with your perfect scars
bleeding fire; power ours
burn me with your inward flame
be the one who knows my name


like diamonds (poem)

For F and Y

bright like diamonds
bright like stars
shining hopes
and dreams of ours
hold our promises
in our hands
through every fire
they withstand

written between (poem)

poetry is written between the cracks of life and I
have never written but as much as I have breathed a sigh
the answers given to my heart, it's questioning of why
between the lines, between our hearts, as time keeps running by

the bones of us (poem)

For F and Y

the bones of us have not forgot
the binding tie and friendship's knot
our souls as one to light the match
and in our hands, our dreams to catch

consolation (poem)

For F and Y

promise me
don't leave

train up a child (poem)

basic truth
learned in my youth
I cling to now
to show me how
to breathe again
like I did then
and love like You
in all I do


wake me up (poem)

wake me up, I deeply think
upon what will bring to the brink
of energy and solid thoughts
a sleepless night has in me wrought

aware (poem)

quiet whispers in my mind
question everything you find
open doors and keep eyes wide
to everything that has to hide

August 2018


Sometimes Just (poem)

Sometimes, I'm just tired
I feel it in my bones
Please don't ask me questions
That's something you should know

Sometimes, eyes are heavy
And limbs can barely move
But I will keep on going
Until I make it through


where have (poem)

where have all the words gone?
they've hidden in my heart
where have all the birds flown?
back to where they start


fathoms deep (poem)

castles bright and fathoms deep
imaginations seethe and steep
bringing forth the things I need
woven out of love and dreams


(haiku for dawn)

Joy comes in mornings
Dawn bright Son within my heart
Breaking through the night

Prayer 078 (poem)

tea in the morning and hope for a song
prayers for the best things, that nothing goes wrong
health for my family, strength for this life
and all that's within me be cleansed by the light

Prayer 079 (poem)

let the spirit of irritability vanish from me
give me a new spirit given to peace
open my eyes to You, O God, continually
and may my hope in You only increase


songs of quiet (poem)

songs of quiet
hope for peace
blessings on
your heart increase
contentment simmer
in your soul
with grace and love
may we be whole

(haiku for rain)

rushing sound, a wash
of waterfall poured from heaven—
shower for my soul


lost (poem)

I have been lost for ages
wandering wilds of soul and mind
but down those paths the Shepherd walked
I know that He will find


(haiku for evening)

evening gathers 'round
soft and warm and quiet now
rest for weary soul

(haiku for morning)

morning will wake me
from more than just nighttime dreams
from yesterday's pain


bleeding shards (poem)

I've been sharp edges
bleeding shards
I've been so broken
man discards
useless people
when things get hard

but You have saved me
made me new
in bridal carry
brought me through
loved me fully
in all You do

Prayer 080 (poem)

good morning, God
please bless my heart
to sing Your praise
right from the start
through everything
the day will bring
that peace may reign
with thanksgiving


in fine (poem)

moments in time
ages in fine
the end of the road
the things that we know
an era of hope
the way that I cope
it's bright 'fore my eyes
I enter the light


the feeling (poem)

kisses soft and sweet
lovely hopes and dreams
warmth inside of me
the feeling that you bring

(haiku for morning song)

morning pigeon song
a sound like mourning the night
with its quiet rest


Prayer 081 (poem)

mornings are a time of joy
a time to start the songs of praise
every tool of faith employ
to give in trust You all my days
before me lies a narrow road
the road of peace: please guide my ways


Prayer 082 (poem)

before the sun I wake
a cup of tea I make
the whole long day survey
commit to You my way
lead my heart and mind
in grace and love to find
the trials that soon shall come
that Christ might be the sum

Quiz (poem)

tiny moments of indecision
almost unnoticed, bright collision
of what could be and of what is
to cook or not is not a quiz

an ask too steep (poem)

busy days
right after sleep
there's much to do!
it isn't deep
nor His will
an ask too steep
give thanks in all
and He will keep

call me (poem)

call me in the morning
from the silence of my soul
draw me forth with kindness
challenge me to grow
open up the doorways
forge pathways to my heart
reach to clasp our fingers
shine candles in the dark


Consider (poem)

Consider me in a quiet, warm place:
the benefits of a naught but holy grace,
hands upraised and glory on my face,
for on the Christ is where I fix my gaze.

Consider finding home and place of rest
in the home of Christ, a cherished guest,
the child of God that has come home at last,
for in His love, the place I love the best.


peace is (poem)

night dizzy, in pieces
bright lights–new dawn!
I wake me, find peace is
awaiting: the Son.

Prayer 083 (poem)

How far have the children fallen!
Their skin is not fair but dark,
gold covered up in mud and
those false desires in the heart.
Cleanse me, O God, with Your righteous
mercy and love in Your blood!
Let there be light in my body,
my soul and my mind and my heart!


to love (poem)

joy in wings
my mind that sings
in praise to You
like songbirds' tune
for spring has come
and winter gone
the ice I was
has turned to love

only castles (poem)

pieces of myself still lying shattered
as though every breath, the one that mattered
the first, was only castles in the sky
a hopeful dream I'd spread my wings and fly

forever (poem)

For F. and Y.

the itch in my fingers
the burn in my soul
all that I've wanted
and all that I've known
I wrapped them in you
and dreamed of the day
together forever
is where we would stay

September 2018


on mornings bright (poem)

mornings bright—a brand new day
this is when I need to pray
open eyes to God above
in every situation, love
keep my hope fixed firm on Him
surrendering my every whim
to whatever plan He's made
knowing it is to my aid
so I pray for this and more
hear the knocking, open door


Prayer 084 (poem)

A moment's pain, a moment's pleasure
God above secures my treasure
Keep her safe who once kept me
I give to You my family


Cold Nights (poem)

For F. and Y.

Cold winter nights
When you're not here
To warm my heart
To cast out fear
To smile at me
Like radiant light
I am alone
This winter night


Prayer 085 (poem)

Help me praise when things go wrong
I did it right, but plans are gone
Help me thank You in all things
No matter what this day may bring

Where I Am (poem)

This is where I am right now.
I cannot leap ahead a hundred hours.
I must trust the God who knows my soul
to bring me once again safely home.


scattered pieces (poem)

joy in scattered pieces
a smile, a hug, a dream
a word upon your lips
love woven in each seam
the day may break before me
fragments of memory
but I give all to Father
surrender entirely

love is (poem)

For F. and Y.

love is a word we never used
but what does it mean if we are true
through pain or trial or agony
through fun or play or pleasantry
when no one else will ever do
to stand by me except for you
whatever the word to capture that
that is where my heart is at


The Master's Hands (poem)

turn my heart off
close the door
spread the pieces
on the floor
the Maker's hands
they tinker well
and shall heal me
I can tell

Doxology (God of Impossible) (poem)

Praise the God of impossible things
He who overcomes and sings
The song of love that's under all
Nothing's out of His control


with mercy (poem)

empty quiet
hopes and dreams
seem unraveled
at the seams
let my voice
rise up to You
save me, Lord,
with mercy true

(haiku for birds)

red fireworks wings
the startled birds take to skies
when I pass beneath

days gone by (poem)

I build castles
from my dreams
write them down
imagine things
don't forget me
days gone by
hear my words
don't make me cry


Prayer 086 (poem)

somebody remind me of bright light reasons
to walk like a human, head down through the seasons
to follow along and often obey
to let someone guide, their ideas hold sway

there's only one person whose hand I let guide
only one order that I can abide
command me, my God, with the light of Your voice!
help me obey You, for this is my choice


just because (poem)

nobody ever said
life had to make sense
in fact it rarely does
I round a bend
add something just because
the world turns 'round
and I am found

proverbial wings (poem)

quiet things
proverbial wings
taking flight
we pass the night

capsize (poem)

missing you in pieces
it never quite swallows me whole
I capsize under the ocean spray
the wave just brings me to shore

rely (poem)

I am not allowed to stop
to shut down
only to keep going
go to town
the roof over my head
if it should fall
would be the end of love
I am a wall
I'm not allowed to stop
rely on me
the ones that I rely on
this mutual symbiosis
does require
that everything I do
does not expire
I am not allowed to stop
to shut down
I take another step
and cover ground


days I need (poem)

days I need to pray
I need to be okay
this the price I pay
my heart I gave away


Prayer 087 (poem)

Christ, I need Your strength today
I need to think, I need to pray
I need Your words upon my tongue
Even though the day's still young
There is so much work and I
Only want to stop and cry
Help me live as I should do
And help me do the workday too

(haiku for hope)

hope—wings of morning
renewed each brightening dawn
my heart rides the wind

(haiku for sunlight)

fingers of sunlight
reach me with their open hands

would you (poem)

would you laugh if you knew
what a ridiculous person I am
or would you condemn me as crazy
and that would be the end
I'd like to think the first, my friend

October 2018


(haiku for prayer)

still, quiet mornings
peace found in holy prayer
rising like the dawn

to wash me clean (poem)

maybe tears are good to wash me clean
my heart could use a wash behind the scenes
that my face can shine, my hands do good
that my eyes can see all light they could

Prayer 088 (poem)

Praise the God of quiet things:
the morning sun, the birds that sing,
the stillness in my heart today,
the cup of tea, a spirit to pray.
Wake me, God, in morning light;
fill my heart with faith so bright.

eyes to see (poem)

songs of promise light my heart
joy is found upon the start
open up my eyes to see
Christ in all, in everything

Missing You (poem)

For F and Y

Missing you like lungs need air
Every second I'm aware
Of every beat of heart without
Your friendship, love; it's like a shout
Ringing in my ears all day
All I wish was you would stay
'Cause all I feel right now is pain
Until I am with you again

meant to be (poem)

For F and Y

we were always meant to be
together for eternity
me with you and you with me
I love you true and utterly

moments (poem)

moments bruise me
moments heal
some throw me off
my even keel
life is in
the moments had
both for good
and also bad

to reach you (poem)

pieces of myself that I hand out
I tell myself it's not what it's about
the shattered sculptured heart down on the floor
right before the perfect open door
courage is the pain to walk right through
knowing it is worth it to reach you


together love (poem)

For B

sister bright and sister sweet
together love through everything
through good and bad and in between
close in heart and strength in need

(haiku for love)

love is warm as tea
cradled in gentle hands, but
mine only when drunk

(haiku for rain)

rain falls like whispers
hushed parental tones like peace
safety in my bed

the breaking (poem)

pieces of my heart
may have been crushed
the breaking seems so final
but it was rushed
and I shall rise anew
you see the lines
have been filled all through
with gold that's mine

in my bones (poem)

hope is in my bones
peace in my heart
end of the world, a
new one will start
joy in midst of night
I sing to the light
and raise my hopes above
me: wings in flight

take me back (poem)

For F and Y

lower my walls and a drawbridge
remember a walk at the sharp edge
where once you rescued my heart
can we go back to the start?

so bright (poem)

For F and Y

bright an shining as the light
you have always been so bright
almost too much, burning me
I'm lost without your company


can't stop dreaming (poem)

For F and Y

silent dreams I can't stop dreaming
my empty heart where you were living
everything hurts, but I'm still breathing
please come back to me

fill my heart with your returning
speak my name and I'll keep learning
how to love you without burning
up both you and me

we've got scars and can't stop crying
can't stop loving, can't stop fighting
but I promise you I'm trying
to look at you and see

truth I missed between the moments
'til the day my heart was broken
you give me pieces, I will hold them
forever for you and me

Prayer 089 (poem)

wake me in the morning
I pray, my God, to peace
an answered prayer, a promise
that I may breathe relief
and all this pain release

keep me in Your comfort
my heart in Your great care
guard my faith and strengthen
as I watch in prayer

Prayer 090 (poem)

joy comes in the morning
after the long night pass
I bow before You, Father
Your promises bring to pass

Prayer 091 (poem)

the only peace in this world is found in You
guard my heart, I pray; keep my faith true
that I might steadfast hold and cling to You
Your promises behold and followed through

joy sings (poem)

joy sings
on love's wings
hope's flight
and morning light

beg (poem)

You are music
I am pain
I am crying
out Your name
You have promised
and again
I will beg You
show Your hand


quiet moments (poem)

quiet moments
morning quiet
still like promise
waiting still
I will hear God's
voice to me
still small voice
now answering

fulfill (poem)

I don't understand
You have a plan
You always speak the truth
from my youth
though my ears may fail
for all of us?
please, O God, fulfill
Your word to us


rainbows (poem)

love transcends
true love of friends
true love of God
is where it ends
a mother's care
where it begins
a father's love
a sister true
or brother new
through every pain
still there is gain
when our love grows
in rain, the bows

winter comes (poem)

winter comes
frost rattles its promise
icicles shiver
the diminishing river
stares weary at me
the air looks cold
a grey so old
surely its birth
predated the earth

for love (poem)

For F and Y

I move for love
you knew me once
you loved me then
remember when
you swore to me
that we should love
I move, enough

bereft (poem)

For F and Y

they tell me there are pieces, nothing left
teach me in my soul, am I bereft?
or are you part of me? you've always been
closer than my need, more true than kin
tell me everything (just stay with me)

hold me now (poem)

For F and Y

bruises cannot hold me if you do
hold me now, remember I love you
I cannot keep on going without you
look at me again and don't look through

love is warm (poem)

For B

your love is warm to me
as soothing as the perfect cup of tea
your love so faithfully
keeps me close in cherished company

to measure (poem)

For N

music is "I love you," "it's my treasure
no way on earth in human hearts to measure
all that those I love have meant to me
multiply entire by infinity

like bright glass (poem)

I feel fragile
like bright glass
sit by a window
front of the class
everything hurts
within my veins
but hope like wings
it breathes and reigns


Prayer 092 (poem)

good morning, God
please save my soul
open my eyes
and make love known
I've been quiet
for many a day
praying for You
to conquer my way

a poem (poem)

For S

a poem springs to life
at the edge of my fingertips
tickling my vision, a moment
vivid and lovely and pure

even the dishes (poem)

dishes never cease to multiply
even if we know the reasons why
sometimes it makes me breathe another sigh
give thanks, I know, in all things, God on high

new spun (poem)

castles bright
and spun from light
the stuff of dreams
are new beginnings


new morn (poem)

Christ the Lord on each new morn
Offers grace, to be reborn
In mercy, love, with gifts of peace
To take our sin and joy increase
The price for this: my heart to Him
To freely give to Him my sin
With open hands receive His grace
And in His plan to take my place

from battle (poem)

unreserved from battles
the war is everywhere
but my life safeguarded
and all His aid and care

a holy glow (poem)

brightness burns
a welcome fire
kissed by light
to cleanse my soul
open eyes
and heart, go higher
fill me up
with holy glow


to know you (poem)

bold as love
with open hands
I reach for you
my heart demands
to hold you close
to love you so
to study you
and learn to know

harmony (poem)

hearts in motion
quite the notion
that we be
in harmony

my home (poem)

joy is of the saints and Christ alone
is the truth, the One who is my home
no matter how far the heart may roam
nothing can compare to at His throne


a doorway (poem)

somewhere there's a doorway
there's always at least one
help my eyes to see it
and get the job begun

love is not fragile (poem)

love is not fragile
not love that is love
it cannot be broken
by just a strong wind
rejoice in the headwinds
and look to your right
to see who's beside you
in your stormy flight

(haiku for vision)

rain breaks, waterfall sheets
against my eyes; stars below:
city lights blooming

kiss the day (poem)

At close of day, my heart is full
The sky is gold, I think of you
You are the home to which I fly
And so I kiss the day goodbye


Prayer 093 (poem)

Christ who keeps the birds from falling

keep me in the air

Who charts their path and counts their feathers

keep me in Your care

The night is old, the day is young

but I am quite aware

That should You guide my path, O Christ

I'll make it safely there

(haiku for the golden hour)

sun's path through heaven
light burns in light–burnished gold
warms eyes, air, earth, soul

(haiku for the river)

cold river, blue-white
winter steals over its face
the quiet remains

This Time (poem)

For F and Y

I breathe, the knife-sharp pain: I miss you
When, so long ago, I kissed you
Right before you walked away
And then came back—this time stay

Reassembled (poem)

joy in pieces
like my heart
I gave to You
I trust You, Lord
to take these pieces
make me whole
stronger than new

(haiku for winter)

roads in rolling green
turns gold like riches when cold
winter bites the air

drawn (poem)

quiet in my soul
it makes me whole
to wait out all the pain
find peace again


(haiku for seeds)

hope grows from small seeds
tree from acorn, storm from wind
dreams fulfilled from hope

another morn (poem)

bell chimes, blankets warm
time to greet another morn
all I want is to remain
but to rise is only gain

I woke (poem)

sleep weighs heavy
I slept, I woke
I think my meter
for alert might be broke

The Bees (poem)

The worker bees talk
While kitty-cats walk
We all know that
When boss be away
The worker bees play


how dear (poem)

moments burned in blood
under my skin
open up the heart
and there my kin
beat inside of me
with every breath
to every height you climb
to every depth
I am the child of my family
don't underestimate
how dear to me


golden (poem)

You are golden
like the hour
before the sun
goes sinking down.
Fill my heart
with perfect splendor.
I will love you
always now.

(haiku for weather)

whispering eaves
wailing winds and sheets of rain
the autumn begins

(haiku for dawn)

morning star, a gem
diamond bright in vivid skies
waking up beauty

as ice (poem)

missing you is something
felt as thick as ice
upon the arctic floes
I cross it at great price

corners (poem)

I like quiet corners
that's my thing
finding stillness in
the deeps of me
don't disturb this comfort
it's my peace
where the noise of day
can finally cease

busy bees (poem)

busy bees
the earth becomes
grant them peace
and fill with love


everything the quiet does (poem)

everything the quiet does to me
the peace of You that's slowly filling me
the calm that only enters when I'm still
serenity when I give You my will

where lives (poem)

love between the cracks
where family lives and that
is where you'll find my heart
shining in the dark

(haiku for blossoms)

moments like blossoms
slowly unfurl on freshened
branches—life made new

(haiku for sun)

promise me something:
look up at the eternal
sun, always shining

(haiku for breath)

life burns within me
felt on waking, heavy breaths
wind exhaled, my soul


sky before winter (poem)

trees a lovely green
sun above so bright
its golden hues paint
all the clouds in flight

like melodies (poem)

my quiet bones
sing with promise
newborn mornings
wake the light
breathes in me
like melodies

like blooms (poem)

called out of nothing
open like blooms
heart bleeds in whispers
soon, it says, soon
I will be born
bright into light
worth every thorn
every pain, every night


Prayer 094 (poem)

God of broken pieces
Of healing and of peace
I pray of You Your mercy
And let my joy increase
Grant patience in my trials
O teach me, Lord, to pray
Ever constant with You
Give thanks through all the day

Catch Me (poem)

You catch me when I fall
O Lord of all
You hear me when I call
And calm the squall
Storming in my heart
Right from the start
You heal every part
From every dart

as a child (poem)

as a child, so I come
unblinking trust—it has been earned
once upon a time I knew
what it was to count on You
the way a child throws herself
through the air and know she's safe

(haiku for snow)

quiet steals over
smooth white hills, without footprint
peace inside my soul

Hope Remains (poem)

A stone's throw from something good
Hope remains as if it should
Reaching upward for the light
Remains my comfort in my sight

okay (poem)

we're okay
for today
just because
I know Your love


before the morning (poem)

before the morning breaks
the spirit wakes
before the sun arrives
we start our lives
our hopes will be the herald of the dawn
and sing in all the promises to come

(haiku for rain)

water gurgles, laughs
like rain pouring over the
edge of a long fall

wake me (poem)

wake me in the morning
when light has come again
find me when's the coming
of my dearest friend

open up my heartstrings
all the ones I rent
keeping me from going
wherever my friend went

night will pass like water
through the riverbed
so wake me when it's over
to face the sun instead

healing (poem)

I've been broken; I've been mended
I've had all my pieces found
wrapped up in a proper bandage
yes, in love and comfort bound

I've been hurting; I've known need
I've found answer to my cries
cast them up unto the heavens
asked for truth to salve these lies

everything hurts and nothing matters
that is what I've often felt
I've found comfort in my Father
let His love a hard heart melt

there is healing for the wounded
there is healing for my heart
break the bitter words off in me
then I let the healing start

bare (poem)

read me like an open book
forget the pain, the wind that shook
the leaves from branches, left me bare
go away if you would stare
but open up and walk inside
if you know how not to hide
and only wish to sit with me
in the peace so quietly

cover me (poem)

cover me with mercy
where the waters run
where deep as oceans grace
swallows me right up
I need to fall in mercy
to let it cover me
I need Your grace to conquer
to finally be free

leave me quiet (poem)

broken places
all these faces
crowd around
and I am found
leave me quiet
end the riot
peace, be still
with iron will

I am candle (poem)

quiet light
burns inside
I am candle
for tonight
hope is bright
before my eyes
faith will fill
and I will rise

my fire tongue (poem)

sweetness burns
my fire tongue
I asked for spice
when I was young
into my blood
the parts of me
that no one else
could ever see


glory writ (poem)

golden sunburst says goodnight
I drink in the lovely light
beams of heaven through the clouds
glory writ as though aloud


Prayer 095 (poem)

help me know what I should do
then help me to be able to
and help me keep eyes fixed on You
by Your grace, I'll make it through

mountains (poem)

some of us climb mountains
some of us don't mind
imagine all that's waiting
at the peak we find


come find (poem)

somebody find my broken pieces
left out on the ground
scatter your promises where the bones fell
and make a lot of sound
the brightest lights
on longest nights
the darkness falls around
the open visions
past incisions
healing can be found
somebody gather my broken pieces
come and save me now

we all need (poem)

everybody hurts
we all have pain
the sun beats down
we've all seen rain

drench our skin
and flood our hearts
carrying under
all the good parts

we all have tears
and we all need love
comfort our hearts
God, be enough


where dreams are (poem)

mornings wake me
the sun comes up
the night goes down
it's the place
where dreams are found
don't forget my name

beyond me (poem)

what's a moment but a story that I lived?
you ask of me beyond what I can give
I guess then I will have to take it from
myself and eat up every little crumb

(haiku for morning)

on quiet feet now
the morning comes to play—it
is the cat I feed

(haiku for rain)

hard wet skies—the grey
between me and the mountains
tears upon my face

(haiku for blood)

blood blooms like flowers
a sign of life, the river
of my beating heart

Conversations #? (poem)

you hurt my heart, I feel you
is that what you wanted?
I feel you, I'm bleeding your soul
you hit me while down
I believed you
when really, I should have known

when the fire (poem)

For K

when the fire is burning in the oil
do not take to pouring in the water
it will not cool the flames nor warm a heart
just wait, let go, and then in time restart

the dappled snow (poem)

the purple bushes, the dappled snow
the green and gold of fields below
over the hills, the scattered trees
winter's beauty brings me peace

one last flame (poem)

sun bright on autumn leaves
one last flame will bring me peace
I must wish them all good night
snow will come with morning's light

Prayer 096 (poem)

make my soul quiet
still all the turmoil
filling me full
Lord, make my heart open
soften with love
and remake my all

the end of praise (poem)

light at the end of my days
for Heaven the end of true praise
shall take up its home within me
finally the truth make me free

stone hearts (poem)

stone hearts
dead parts
do not spark
tonight we part
home ahead
alone in bed
I will heal
when hurt is shed

I'll want tea (poem)

tonight I will want tea
to settle myself, see
the warmth of the cup
as I drink it up
does so much good for me

feels like wings (poem)

bold and free
your love for me
feels like wings
they carry me
above the heights
above the skies
above the storms
and so I rise

November 2018


my every hate, my every love (poem)

For C and D

I acknowledge you are my everything
my every hate, my every love
for loving you is not enough
to cover all the passion bright
filling me like moon fills night
and hating you could never be
everything that constantly
beats within my traitor heart
you've invaded every part
my life, my soul, the end of rage
you've become the precious cage
to capture me and draw me in
any time I think we're done
you are all and this is true
still don't think I don't own you

maybe one day (poem)

maybe one day
I'll stop burning
maybe one day
the world stops turning
seems to me
that should there be
a day
it'd be the same

push (poem)

watch me push
watch me try
every time
you make me cry
I've been crying
for so long
they say enduring
makes me strong


let me (poem)

wake me when the sun comes out
do not whisper, give a shout
let me cry my tears so free
nothing is quite wrong with me

Here's the Wish (poem)

For M

Here, I wish the best for you
Every day and all year through
I'm dreaming of a lovely time
For every single friend of mine


no convenient time (poem)

Grief knows no convenient time
Nor pain the moment to arrive
Both keep clocks set by their own
Priorities, none else condone


Prayer 097 (poem)

Thank You, God, for mornings bright
For songbirds in their pretty flight
For aching legs and sleepy eyes
For the hour that I must rise
For family love and cups of tea
For someone dear but not with me
For every single breath I take
For every stinging bad mistake
Thank You, God, for everything
Teach my heart Your praise to sing

(haiku for rain)

wash down my tears, O
rain that falls on leaves and grass
wet with promises

feeling fuzzy (poem)

feeling fuzzy
bring me clarity
open doors
my eyes to see
open heart
and mind to look
so I can read
it like a book

warm bones (poem)

cold weather
warm bones
in you
my home


building castles (poem)

I'm building castles
shining castles made of light
put my fancies into dreams
turn them all to birds in flight
I'm building castles
all I need
is somewhere good and bright
to look to in the night

to thrive (poem)

warm hands
warm cup
holding tea
drink it up
they say it's like
a human touch
we need to thrive
I treat it such

from inside (poem)

For C

bones rattle with broken memories
casting about like the branches of trees
bare in the winter, with nothing to hide
that's what a heart is when viewed from inside

(haiku for trees)

winter-quiet woods
slim and bared to their hearts, the
trees stand tall 'til spring

(haiku for frost)

furrowed golden hills
the earth frowns beneath grey
cold skies and soft frost

(haiku for water)

water shimmers: glass
mirror of heaven's sunsets—
gold without a price


sweet smile (poem)

happy child
sweetest smile
never lose
the joy you choose

winter cheer (poem)

winter cheer
the warmth within
when friend and kin
draw near
the laughter fills
and memory spills
we welcome them
come in

(haiku for thirst)

satisfy hunger
slake my thirst: open the clouds
pour floods in my soul

don't forget (poem)

For F and Y

don't forget me
don't regret me
couldn't bear
the look you wear
don't you miss me
when you see me
all I want
is you right there

(haiku for evening)

pocket of sunlight
framed by evening clouds, for night
gathers her skirts 'round

(haiku for dusk)

blue clouds roll in, the
tides of the heavens, herald
of impending dusk


to the bones (poem)

break me down to the bones
what will you see
buried in the deepest root of me
where the hopes dig down
and sprout up constantly
where I go to ground
and strive to simply be
break open my nerve and sinew
I will become
something I desire enough to run
until the end of all, the very sum
of hazards in my way until I'm done


Prayer 098 (poem)

moments raise my spirits
whole weeks drag them down
only Christ, my Savior
can stop my going to ground
I praise You and I thank You
for mercy and for grace
I pray You hard, forever
help me run this race

air (poem)

I need to breathe
the air is tight
my lungs
can't stand the heat
I lay me down
and plead


(haiku for moon)

the moon nearly full
bright as daylight's turning from
blue to gold to blue


on trello (poem)

waiting quietly
remember when
you used to work
so faithfully?
and now I hope
for once again
you to be
my faithful friend

(haiku for winter)

green trees, golden grass
needle sharp, the seasons pass
beneath a cold sky


wake me up (poem)

wake me up (the world is bright!)
from another too long night
let the morning greet my sight
and set the wings of soul in flight

my heart, give thanks (poem)

in everything, my heart, give thanks
if I may be so bold and frank
your grumpy taste, complaining whines
can just go take a lovely hike!

look at me (poem)

For F and Y

joy comes
when you do
look at me
that's all I need

(haiku for sunlight)

slatted sunlight on
white walls illuminates my
winter morning hope


(haiku for thanksgiving)

warm apple smells, the
scent of fall before winter
holiday pies bake

(haiku for thanksgiving)

we give thanks: kitchen
heat and bustle, the yellows
and reds—fall blessings

(haiku for sunlight)

mornings bright: sunlight
warms the skin on face and heart
banishes night's chill

with peace, with love (poem)

my heart is warm with peace, with love
with family near and hearts aglow
gratitude, warm cups of tea
thanksgiving feast and joy in stow


(haiku for dawn)

dawn: splintered sunlight
slips into eyes, under skin
feel the morning's warmth

(haiku for blossoms)

blooms break open so
shyly and slowly until
all see their beauty


mission (poem)

my mission
there's a vision
that I want to live and see
a hope and e'en a promise
that I cling to constantly
I want my life to matter
and my heart to mean something


gathering hopes (poem)

moments in time
when hopes burn and shine
when light fills my sight
and burns away night
then I shall clasp
that warmth to my breast
and lock in my chest
to carry on with

don't look now (poem)

quiet down now
open my heart
don't let it out
just what I feel now
open your eyes
look in the light
hiding my sorrows
where everything's bright

There Are Bones (poem)

There are bones beneath my skin
You can only cut so far within
Before you meet the stone
Foundational, my bone
And I will not be moved
Until we meet again

the river of (poem)

water runs beneath my skin
my heart, my mind, it flows within
the river of my memory
and all that lies ahead of me

rattle (poem)

rattle my chains
rattle my bones
this human coil
tries to strangle my soul
a flame in my heart
and the light in my eyes
spells for those shackles
an early demise


about you (poem)

cold days, warm nights
wrapped up in you
less shadow, more bright
dreams about you

Prayer 099 (poem)

thank You, Lord, for sunshine
and thank You, Lord, for rain
thank You for Your comfort
and I thank You for the pain
that strengthens me and tries me
help me glorify Your name
thank You, Lord, for loving me
again, again, again

moments when (poem)

moments when the wind blows
moments when my heart goes
over the horizon
to catch a brand new vision

moments when the wind breaks
moments when my heart makes
a sound, a cry I can't shake
it's more than I can take

moments when the wind moans
moments when my heart groans
with changing of the seasons
for multitudes of reasons

moments when the wind keens
moments when my heart sings
and meets the distant song
where springtime birds belong

just like the trees (poem)

my roots grow deep
just like the trees
that have been here
for centuries

my hopes grow strong
all winter long
and I will bloom
when springtime come


(haiku for rain)

music to my ears
thunder and refreshing rain
drumbeats on my heart

awaken (poem)

quiet settles
into my morning
awaken and shine
like a sun in the day
over horizons climb

hole in my heart (poem)

hole in my heart
that only you fill
I love you so much
and I always will

blow the rust (poem)

blow the rust off my mind
open my eyes
look up to the light
let all in my sight
take on golden glow
new oxygen know
in the depths of my lungs
yes, the new day is young

held out (poem)

The backbone of promises
Convictions and soul
Break down to the marrow
Build up to what's known
We're not going to cry
Though we must let go
Lift up to the light
All I once held out hope

December 2018


how soon, how quick (poem)

how soon, how quick
flies on a year!
seems yesterday
it just had come
and now I blink
behold! it's done!

around the hearth (poem)

we light the fires of hearth and home
and to our friends give welcome now
the time has come to gather 'round
and in our hearts find warmth and love

Prayer 100 (poem)

make me pure and cleanse my soul
fill my sight with joy unknown
let godly glory burn out all
that's unlike You and fill me full


do you hear (poem)

do you hear her laugh
she's funny, she's cute
do you see what she's done
she's sweet, it's true

let me see (poem)

borne out in whispers
broken out in silence
let me see the promises
echoing resoundingly


morning dark (poem)

morning dark, the early peace
comes and settles over me
quietly wakes me out of sleep
and bids me the new day to greet

sun glow (poem)

quietly, nature awakens
each morning to birdsong
breaks silence so deep
the crickets stopped singing
the star of the morning
is swallowed in sun glow
wash bright over me

new day brings (poem)

gather my things
the new day brings
new challenges, joys
new work that employs
my skills and my hopes
my brain and desires
'tis the new day
light the old fires
rise from the bed
in industrious stead
stand and go forth
make from less more

a little cold (poem)

looks a little cold outside
I'm greeted by the snow
my toes curl up inside my boots
from history they know


I Will Trust (poem)

feel my bones
they shiver, they ache
I hope, I burn
mistakes I make
come in the night
my heart they wake
but I will trust
in God and pray
He will protect
and guard my way

may the maelstrom (poem)

I am quiet
in my heart
may the maelstrom
hide in dark
fall away
from all I am
quiet me
still I stand


song lit (poem)

For F and Y

song lit in my heart
by every spark of love
the fingers touch, the soul quakes
we meet, it is enough

like a sparrow (poem)

I know within my marrow
should I fall like a sparrow
the God of heaven knows me
and keeps His eyes upon me

won't regret (poem)

bones, blood, sinew, sweat
burnt in flesh, I won't regret
carved in thought, I won't forget
earn my price and clear my debt


To This Hurting World (poem)

Good morning to this hurting world
It hurt me too, I know this pain
But I will stand back up again
Let love reach out so strong and bold

Surgery (poem)

Break the bones of this body
Remake them from scratch deep inside me
Open me up for heart surgery
Clean out the pain I hold in me

To Fill My Heart (poem)

The master's touch, His hands on me
To heal my blinded eyes, I see
To fill my heart so faithfully
With love and light, so mercifully


(haiku for lake)

ice above the lake
thin as gossamer, mirror
smooth as glass, the depths

(haiku for birds)

twittering branches,
rustling trees, beating wings:
the rush of songbirds

castles bright (poem)

castles bright with walls that gleam
rising like a golden dream
from the skies within my mind
filled with treasure I can find
I'll keep my eyes upon the light
until I reach the castles bright

one good reason (poem)

give me one good reason
we should ask for more
face another season
all is as before
the wind blows through the branches
of my heart's great trees
and the hurt that whispers
with faintest touch of breeze
God, I ask for healing
I didn't want to ask
but such a depth of feeling
is taking me to task


(haiku for morning)

joy is of morning
choices to see home, family—
all the things I have

there is no us (poem)

For F and Y

there is no us
we never were
rewind the past
it's all a blur
it's over now
rewrit in pain
with all to lose
and naught to gain

the morning cup (poem)

warm and soothing on my tongue
drink my tea! the morning's young
just a gentle wake me up
so I drain the entire cup

through glass (poem)

look at the world through glass, twice over
the world breaks—it's warm and soft
here I lie waiting, impressionist painting
my vision beholds the shades of light

give it time (poem)

emptiness hurts
emptiness cries
but I'll be all right
just give it time


of my heart (poem)

For F and Y

make a present of my heart
give it back, right from the start
I should have known that only pain
could come from this, it was no gain


bring glory (poem)

let there be light in me
open my eyes to see
bring glory out of the night
teach me my wings to flight

bright the dawn (poem)

bright the dawn
I wake, the light
fills my sight

like breath (poem)

I must breathe
oxygen great in my lungs
like this my heart demands
the love of God

in pursuit (poem)

cast no anchor
in pursuit of a promise
delivered by God
all to the purpose
not right hand nor left hand
allow to distract
o'er oceans and mountains
past hazards and toils
fly forward always

soft touch (poem)

For ST

soft touch
hard heart
do what must
just don't depart


none too proud (poem)

do not hesitate to speak the truth
nor to put your hand to faith
seems we're taught from early youth
to self-rely, deny God's grace
but what can human power wreak
if grace to aid we do not seek
and what can all our bluster bring
if against the Lord we're fighting
I am not too proud to bend
before the King and bow my head
nor upon His mercies now
to throw myself and so I bow

hope is the color (poem)

hope is the color of my heart
it beats in shades of dreams
and all the light of heaven
before me shines as visions
I believe in glory bright
and so make my decision


make it bright (poem)

the flowers burned in summerlight
the grain as well, O make it bright!
at winter's end, we thaw the ground
wherever winter fruit is found
and so may all live, thrive, abound


the endless pain (poem)

For F and Y

missing you, an ache I feel
breaks me down, my heart to kneel
bowed before the endless pain
all I want is you again


(couplet: the quiet)

the quiet is so loud
drowning all the noises out

butterfly (poem)

sing me down from the heavens
and raise me up from the earth
cast off the silken veil
spread wings in bright rebirth

I reach for love (poem)

the songs on my tongue are not all beautiful
but One deep inside me shines forth merciful
recalibrates this burdened heart
I reach for Love and that new start

this time (poem)

For F and Y

I missed you, you came
back to me over long roads
that took you so far away
this time, just stay

Today I Read (poem)

Today, I read a poem
It leapt into my heart
Took root and will grow seedlings
Can't wait for it to start


Prayer 101 (poem)

I find my strength in You, O Lord
Please keep my heart, my mind on You
Draw near to You with all I am
All day long, the whole way through

mountains (poem)

mountains worth the climbing
mountains worth the moving
reach my faith for power
filling hope with prayers
reach beyond the heavens
climb beyond those mountains
open up my heart now
my soul shall call on light

to cherished desire (poem)

hope is a thing we feel
making our world to kneel
to cherished desire
we're burning with fire
when bringing to bear our will

clouds washed gold (poem)

a stone white moon in a winter blue sky
clouds washed gold, the birds soar by
sunset comes arrayed in light
before the day can say good night

care (poem)

moments I wish
to be normal and real
why can't the world care
about what I feel?

music (poem)

music to my ears
I hear your voice and hold it
closer to my heart

I hear (poem)

do you miss the pigeons cooing
under the window like mourning
I miss the keening cries
of swirling mountain winds
I hear the pain in the birdsong
and the ache of their wings beating
I hear in the winds around me
this is where storms begin

somehow I learn (poem)

breathless, I turn
let go of my fears
I never could earn
the way you drawn near
yet somehow I learn
to be to you dear

bought (poem)

they cast lots for my soul—in vain
the God of the world and heaven
has bought me with glory and pain

the days wherein we live (poem)

the days wherein we live
aren't easy to forgive
if we should hope to thrive
first we must survive
the breath within our lungs
is deep enough to burn
beneath the waves we dive
through hazards first we learn

tossed (poem)

For B (JT)

pieces tossed
we try the lots
let heavens decree
for you and me

into the river (poem)

under the bridge the insults fly
I ask myself and reason why
for my own sake, I let it go
into the river, away it'll flow

let live (poem)

praise, forgive
live, let live
answers come
not parts, the sum

left in you (poem)

For F and Y

there are pieces of me I left in you
and now you're gone, what should I do?
it isn't fair that I should be
bereft of you and you of me
we had to part, I could not stay
I'd wished the same you'd have to say
one day you'll know we cannot be
as well in other company


too deep to see (poem)

we whisper words we barely hear
and seek our loves both far and near
we cherish dreams too deep to see
and pour in them our faith and need
we weave our castles in the skies
hold bright visions in our eyes
carry hopes into our sleep
plant the seeds so very deep

we were broken (poem)

For F and Y

we are quiet
we were broken
this right here
is an improvement
open up your hands to me
like we've opened eyes to see

soft child (poem)

soft child, hold you close
protect you, keep you, love you so
some might say you are too soft
but a child deserves their share of love

at the root (poem)

wisdom starts at the root
the root starts at the tree
the acorn grows as the seed
containing its pattern and creed

the child picks up the threads
woven by parents before
it grows in the light of their deeds
rather than words it could heed

a little bird (poem)

a little bird told me
only good things
I cast out all the chattering
complaints it thinks to sing

winter chill (poem)

winter chill
my heart so warm
melts away
the icy storm


to higher heights (poem)

we play, we pray, we hope
we feel around us rope
tied to higher heights
and stare at all the sights

glimmer (poem)

For N

lights glimmer
bright memories
hearts shimmer
always with me


Drink the Cup (poem)

Good morning to a brand new year
Cast away the dregs of fear
Drink the cup of hope, its rim
Overflows over the brim

borne up (poem)

bones burn
with inner fires
hearts yearn
their deep desires
borne up
on ash and flame
like a phoenix
and its true name

(haiku for wisdom)

wisdom finds our heads
by hitting hard; how else learn
than consequences?

beneath the ice (poem)

winter of my soul
the heart that feels so cold
but know beneath the ice
is warmth and love and life


morning comes (poem)

morning comes
so much to do!
but I give it
all to You!
for Christ's strength
carries me through

girl in motion (poem)

girl in motion
hope for me
fruit from labor

tea (poem)

not enough thyme
the edge is off
but I'll be fine
it's not too soft


battle (poem)

points made, battles lost
count the wins but count the cost
heaps on heaps, the bodies lie
be braced to live, prepare to die


in great demand (poem)

hope is in great demand
for every solemn stand
for every upraised hand
for everything that's planned

faith belongs to all
who lift their voice and call
who trust that through the squall
they will survive, not fall

what to make (poem)

For F and Y

what to make of forgotten things
bittersweet memories, lost bright wings
I could fly when you and me
fought always together faithfully

a funny thing (poem)

love is a funny thing
the tie that binds a string
as firm as iron leash
more freeing than release

a winter morn (poem)

I look across a winter morn
where mingled sun and snow are born
and feel the purity in my heart
I breathe it in my inward parts

the world for you (poem)

I have regrets
you are not one
do not forget
when we'd begun
I cast aside
the world for you
and would again
if done anew


a thousand cuts (poem)

you offer me a thousand cuts
my oxygen is turned to rust
I hope for more, but hope in vain
tomorrow, we'll endure again


Of Bells (poem)

I heard a bright ringing of bells
Chiming the old year on out
Welcoming, warning: It's come!
The new year at last has begun!

The Dishes (poem)

The dishes wake me early
Even on days when I fail
To be ready for cold calculation
My job to identify problems
When feet may just stumble with cold
And fled is my spirit that's bold
Even when I am quite ill
And lost half of my stubborn will
The dishes will welcome me still

my consolation (poem)

my consolation is a cup
I know you have your own
a cup of tea, shy piping hot
to warm me to my toes
the morning feels too much to bear
but there, a cup of tea
to fill me up, to wake me up
so comforting to me

poetry (poem)

poetry is the last strangled breath
of a soul someone's trying to quiet
welcome its speech, its whisper, its shout
welcome its peace and its riot

this song (poem)

what is this bursting song
in my heart buried deep yet so strong
like light in my bloodstream and tongue
the love that I sang when still young

freedom (poem)

freedom is a polite way of saying responsible
a child is not free from aught but care
subject to whims and laws, required to share
shall we be children or be held accountable